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Update: January 4, 1999
Now available in our New Files Spotlight: 
Softwarebüro Müller's Daylight Savings 2.1
Rom Map Links In our Programming Area Fixed!
Softwarebüro Müller's SBM Utilities 1.3.6
Avi Drissman's Avi's Backdrop 1.24
Config eG's TimeTrax 1.1 Final
Sine of the Times' CardMEDIA 1.8 & SOURCE!
NewtBrick's Newton Portfolio Manager 1.5
Thorsten Lange's Address Access 2.11
EBB's XMas 98

The COMPLETE: November New Files Spotlight
The Newton Developer Files! Now in our Programming download area.
Planet Newton Historical Interest Newton Books! 
The Scrawl Software YAZI Games Page

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The New Files Spotlight does not list all packages newly added to Planet Download, but features special releases announced in the Daily Planet News.

The intrepid Planeteers have also rated each of these packages; here's a guide to our rating system:

smallbulb.jpg (1106 bytes) Don't bother downloading this package.
smallbulb.jpg (1106 bytes)smallbulb.jpg (1106 bytes) Might be interesting to a small audience, but poorly designed or has other major flaws.
smallbulb.jpg (1106 bytes)smallbulb.jpg (1106 bytes)smallbulb.jpg (1106 bytes) Good design, does what its intended to do, and might have some extra features.
smallbulb.jpg (1106 bytes)smallbulb.jpg (1106 bytes)smallbulb.jpg (1106 bytes)smallbulb.jpg (1106 bytes) Wow! Excellent package, great design, well worth downloading.

All files available for the PC or Macintosh for the Newton OS 
as indicated.  All file sizes listed are approximate. Planet Newtion does not guarantee the integrity of files in the download section.  To download files from this area, right click on the filename for your operating system and choose Save As.

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This section includes everything from customizable re-occurring shopping lists to genealogical organizers and car maintenance schedules.
Calendars, Clocks & Date Reminders Data Organizers, Integrators
Checklists & To Do Lists Time, Date & Activity Logging
Data & Product Itemization Spreadsheets, Flow Charts & Decision Trees
Informational Databases

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Quality time for you, your Newton and the kids!
Flashcards & Memory Reading & Spelling
Fun Science
Geography Translation & Language

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Our Games area includes tons of apps -- from Arcade and Card games to Game Strategy and Scoring Tools!
The Scrawl Software YAZI Games Page!
Arcade & Adventure Puzzles
Board Games Scoring & Gaming Tools
Card & Dice Strange & Psychic
Drawing Fun Word & Number Games

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The Newton has proven itself a handy tool medical professionals, students or any health-conscious folks.
Informational Reference
Patient Notes & Data Collection
Self Help Health Tools

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Get your email, connect to the Internet, send a fax or just share a private beamer joke during meetings with these Newton Internet Tools.
Beamers Phone
Email Webstuff, Chat, FTP, and More
Modems & Faxing

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Add and make sounds for your Newton, and more!
Adding Sound Movies & Animation
Audio/Video Control Sound Collections

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Can't find that special Newton software or feature you're looking for? Make it yourself!
C++ Tools Desktop Integration Libraries
Desktop & NewtonScript Dev Tools Newton Internet Enabler & Dev Tools
Operating System Tools
Sample Code: Application Design Sample Code: Controls
Sample Code: Data Storage Sample Code: Desktop Connectivity
Sample Code: Digital Books Sample Code: Drawing & Graphics
Sample Code: EndPoints Sample Code: Localization
Sample Code: Modem Setup Sample Code: NewtApp
Sample Code: Newton Dev Tools Sample Code: NewtonScript
Sample Code: Pickers, Popups & Overviews Sample Code: Recognition
Sample Code: Routing Sample Code: Sound
Sample Code: Stationery Sample Code: System Data & Built In Apps
Sample Code: System Services Sample Code: Text Input
Sample Code: Transports Sample Code: User Interface
Sample Code: Views Third Party Scripting & Applications
Third Party Editing Tools Third Party Graphics Tools

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These Newton science tools cover a lot of ground!
Calculators & Tables GPS
Converters Maps

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Add features to make your Newton faster, smarter and prettier.  Having problems with the -10061 error?  Install Avi Drissman's floating button to escape the error without a reset!  The Avi Drissman's '61 Memory Fix!
Information Transfer & Routing Security & Preferences
Memory Toolbars, Extras & Backdrops
Notes, Names & HWR Tools

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