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All samples are credited to: Bruce Thompson, Apple.

Entire Section download 88k

views.sit.hqx 121k

Clock - 2 9k

clock.sit.hqx 11k

Demonstrates idle script and some time functions.

DatePick - 2 11k

datepic.sit.hqx 17k

Shows a user proto that implements a clMonthView based date picker like the one found in the preferences or calendar app. Lots of good stuff about clMonthView in here.

DragonDrop - 1 24k

dragondp.sit.hqx 32k

Illustrates how to use the Drag and Drop API. Also demonstates how to drag an item and change it's appearance. The sample will allow any picture or text to be dragged into it.

Paragraph Scroll - 4 7k

parascrl.sit.hqx 11k

ParagraphScroll shows one way to scroll a clParagraphView one pixel at a time. Creates the view, stuffs it full of text, then changes the viewOrigin of the parent repeatedly.

SyncScroll - 1 8k

syncscrl.sit.hqx 13k

This example shows how to use SyncScroll and how to use the 'height' slot correctly with view templates.

TabsNStyles - 3 8k

tabsstyl.sit.hqx 11k

Demonstrates style information in a clParagraphView and tab information in a clParagraphView.

Thumbnail - 1 12k

thmbnail.sit.hqx 17k

Shows how to use clRemoteView. Shows how to make a read-only view based on a "live" clEditView.

ViewScripts - 3 9k

viewscpt.sit.hqx 13k

Illustrates order of form, child, done, drawing, click, quit, and postQuit scripts.