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Games for Scrawl Software's YAZI

YAZI: Yet Another Z Interpreter Demo
Last Update:

YAZI  (Yet Another Z Interpreter)  is a text adventure engine which takes datafiles as input and allows you to play them on the Newton. This allows you to play many of the cool games of the early 1980's on your Newton: Zork, Planetfall, Enchanter and more! Especially cool is playing Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Included is a demo version of ZORK, already pkged to get you started.  

This demo version allows for gameplay with up to Zip z3 formatted games only.  (Versions for NOS1.x and 2.x included.)  Credit: Scrawl Software. Update 3/10/98: Scrawl Software intends to release an updated demo shortly!  220k   

yaziv11.hqx  304k   

Deja Vu 
(z3 format, may be used with demo)
dejavu.pkg  25k

Deja Vu, An Interactive Demonstration by Graham Nelson  This game is archived as a matter of historical interest, being the earliest inform complied file.  The author has no plans to develop this game further. Release 1 / Serial Number 930921  dejavu.z3

The games listed below are z5 and z8 format and may only be played with the new YAZI 2.0b4 beta version, available to registered users only.  To register YAZI, or upgrade your registered version, visit Scrawl's website. For download, right click the pkg and choose Save As.

The Acorn Court  acorncou.pkg 57k

The Acorn Court, An Interactive Text Adventure by Todd S. Murchison. Release 3 / Serial number 970904 acorncourt.z5

Adventure / Colossal Cave  advent.pkg 98k

Adventure aka Colossal Cave, the original 350 points version ported to Inform by Graham Nelson, based on Dave Baggett's TADS reconstruction "Colossal Cave Revisited". Release 5 / Serial number 961209 Advent.z5

Adventureland adventur.pkg 51k

Scott Adams' Adventureland, ported to Inform by Graham Nelson.  Release 1 / Serial number 961111 Adventureland.z5

All Quiet on the Library Front library.pkg 74k

All Quiet on the Library Front, An Interactive Vignette by Michael S. Phillips.   Release 2 / serial number 951204. library.z5

Balances balances.pkg  76k

An Interactive Short Story by Graham Nelson Release 5 / Serial number 961216 Balances.z5

A Bear's Night Out bear.pkg  107k

An Interactive Children's Story by David Dyte. Release 3 / Serial number 980103 bear.z5

Bedlam bedlam.pkg  61k

An Interactive Preview by Michael Zey.  Release 1 / Serial number 970711   bedlam.z5

BSE bse.pkg  90k

BSE is an Interactive Epidemic by Chris Smith, Winner of the Acorn User 1996 IF Competition. Release 3 / Serial number 970110 bse.z5

Candy candy.pkg  61k

Candy, An Attempt at Reliving Childhood, by Rybread Celsius. Beta One. Release 1 / Serial number 970621  candy.z5

A Change in the Weather weather.pkg  94k

An Interactive Short Story by Andrew Plotkin. Winner of the Inform category of the 1995 IF competition. Release 6, serial number 960613. weather.z5

Cheater cheater.pkg  50k

Cheater, An Annoying Adventure by Martin Wesley Osam Release 1 / Serial number 960920 cheater.z5

Christminster minister.pkg  198k

Christminster, An Interactive Conspiracy by Gareth Rees Release 4, serial number 961117 minster.z5

CIA Adventure cia.pkg  56k

CIA Adventure was ported to Inform by J. Kevin Thomas, based on a GWBASIC version by Pete Wohlmut. The author of the original TRS-80 version is unknown. Release 1 / Serial number 961218 cia.z5

Comp96 comp96.pkg  86k

An unofficial potential 'front-end' game for the yearly IF competitions, providing easily-accessible information on all the games from the '96 competition, plus the ability to sort the games you can play into a random list. Written by Lucian Paul Smith   Release 1 / Serial number 970626  Comp96.z5

Curses curses.pkg  198k

Curses, An Interactive Diversion by Graham Nelson  Release 16 / Serial number 951024   curses.z5

Delusions delusns.pkg  191k

Delusions, an Interactive Self-Discovery by Christopher E. Forman  Release 4 / Serial number 971121 Delusns.z5

Free Fall freefall.pkg  6k

An, Interactive Z-Code Demonstration by Andrew C. Plotkin. Release 2 / Serial number 951111freefall.z5

Frozen frozen.pkg  65k

Frozen: A Night at the Lab, by Jeremy Farnham. Release 1 / Serial number 960620 frozen.z5

Gumshoe gumshoe.pkg  143k

Gumshoe, An Interactive Investigation by Mike Oliphant Release 1 / Serial number 960331 Gumshoe.z5

Heist heist.pkg  198k

Heist: The Crime of the Century, by Andy Phillips. Release 4 / Serial number 971125 heist.z8

Inhumane inhumane.pkg  69k

Inhumane: An Infralogic Massacre, by Andrew C. Plotkin. This is a parody of Infocom's Infidel, written by Andrew when he was about 15. Revision 2, ported from Applesoft BASIC to Inform by the author.  inhumane.z5

Jailbait on Interstate Zero I-0.pkg  177k

Jailbait on Interstate Zero, by Adam Cadre contains some adult content. Release 4 (v1.21) / Serial number 970307 I-0.z5

Jigsaw jigsaw.pkg  198k

Jigsaw, An Interactive History by Graham Nelson.  Complete version (game and help information); must be played with an interpreter that can handle V8 games. Release 3 / Serial number 951129. Jigsaw.z8

Kook U kooku.pkg  95k

Kook U, An Interactive Kook Adventure  Release 1 / Serial number 971119  karn.z5

Lists and Lists lists.pkg  116k

An Interactive Tutorial by Andrew Plotkin  Release 3 / Serial number 960823   lists.z5

Looking For Godot godot.pkg  51k

An Interactive Looking-Around-For-A-Lost-English-Book, by Patrick Shaughnessy.   Release 1 / Serial number 960599 godot.z5

The Mad Bomber bomber.pkg  6k

A Z-Machine version of the classic Bomber game, by Neil James Brown. Needs an interpreter
that supports timed input, and an interpreter supporting colour is recommended. Release 3 / Serial number 971123 bomber.z5

The Magic Toy Shop magic-to.pkg  74k

A fun game for all the family by Gareth Rees.  Release 1, serial number 951018.   magic-toyshop.z5

Mercy mercy.pkg  93k

Mercy, A short story by Christopher Klimas  Release 1 / Serial number 970829   Mercy.z5

The Meteor, the Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet sherbet.pkg  173k

by Angela M. Horns (aka Graham Nelson). Winner of the 1996 IF competition. Release 2 / Serial number 961216 sherbet.z5

The Mind Electric mindelec.pkg  72k

The Mind Electric, An Interactive Vision by Jason Dyer  Release 3 / serial number 941008 (should be 951008)  mindelec.z5

MST3k Detective mst3k1,pkg  106k

An Interactive MiSTing (Mystery Science Theater 3000) of Matt Barringer's AGT game "Detective", by Christopher E. Forman.  Silver Screen Edition, release 101, serial number 960831.  mst3k1.z5

Night at the Computer Center night.pkg  76k

Night at the Computer Center, An Interactive Nocturnal Chase, by Bonni Mierzejewska.   Release 1 / Serial number 961118  night.z5

The Night of the Vampire Bunnies bunny.pkg 80k

by Jason Dyer, somewhat a cross between a black comedy and a B-movie, ported from QBASIC to Inform by Patrick Kellum  Release 4 / Serial number 971205  bunny.z5

Nine Points ninepts.pkg  76k

A Demonstration of an Interactive Fiction Game, by Robert Janelle and Brad O'Donnell Release 12 / Serial number 961127  ninepts.z5

Paper Chase papercha.pkg  59k

An Interactive Education by Chris Skapura. This game was originally published as a TRS-80 BASIC listing titled "Collegiate Capers" in '80 Micro' magazine, August 1983.   paperchase.z5

Phlegm phlegm.pkg  72k

An Interactive Interactive by Adjacent Drooler, (aka Jason Dyer). Release 3 / Serial number 970804  phlegm.z5

Pick up the Phone Booth and Die booth.pkg  46k
b2demo.pkg  66k

A NyQuil nightmare by R. Noyes. Release 619, Serial number 960409 booth.z5  booth.pkg is part one, b2demo is part two.

Piece of Mind piece_v3.pkg  106k

An Interactive Short Story by Giles Boutel. Release 3 / Serial number 970816 piece_v3.z5

Promoted! promoted.pkg  125k

By Mike DeSanto, ported from REXX Adventure to Inform by Johannes Steingraeber. Release 1.1 of port.  promoted.z5

Quest for the Magic Healing Plant mhpquest.pkg  54k

Quest for the Magic Healing Plant, by Adam Crutchlow.Ported by the author from AGT to Inform.  Release 2 / Serial number 960613  mhpquest.z5

Ralph ralph.pkg  68k

Ralph, An Interactive Sniffing by Miron Schmidt  Release 6 / Serial number 970610   Ralph.z5

The Resident residnt2.pkg  136k

By Mike DeSanto, ported from REXX Adventure to Inform by Johannes Steingraeber. 'The Resident' is a cyberspace adventure; its main quest is to escape from a virtual world.   residnt2.z5

Return to Karn karn.pkg  165k

Return to Karn, by Patrick Wigfull. Based on the television programme "Doctor Who".  Release 2 / serial number 961207

Robots robots.pkg  9k

Another Abuse of the Z-Machine - A Nostalgic Diversion by Torbjoern Andersson   Release 6 / Serial number 980115 robots.z5

Silence of the Lambs lambs.pkg  49k

Silence of the Lambs, An Interactive Horror. Ported to Inform by Gunther Schmidl, original author unknown.  Release 2 / serial number 971010  lambs.z5

So Far sofar.pkg  198k

So Far, An Interactive Catharsis by Andrew Plotkin.  Release 6 / Serial number 961218   SoFar .z8

The Space Under the Window sutwin.pkg  34k

The Space Under the Window, by Andrew Plotkin. Release 2 / Serial number 970402   sutwin.z5

SpiritWrak spirit.pkg  198k

An Interactive Fantasy Adventure by Daniel S. Yu  Release 3 / Serial number 960606   spirit.z5

Theatre theatre.pkg  184k

An Interactive Night of Horror; by Brendon Wyber.  Release 2 / Serial number 951203   theatre.z5

Time Killer #1 tk1.pkg  54k

Claustrophobia, a time-killer by Sam Hulick  Release 1 / Serial number 950925 tk1.z5

Tryst of Fate tryst205.pkg  165k

An Interactive Horse-Opera by Gregory M. Zagurski. Release 205 / Serial number 970629 tryst205.z5

Tube Trouble tube.pkg  52k

A mini-adventure by Richard Tucker Release 0 / Serial number 950901 tube.z5

The Underoos that Ate New York! under.pkg  60k

by Gerry Kevin Wilson Release 1 / Serial number 970329 under.z5

Vindaloo vindaloo.pkg  55k

An Interactive Recipe by Adam G Crutchlow Release 1 / Serial number 960613 vindaloo.z5

Wearing the Claw claw.pkg  130k

An Interactive Fantasy by Paul O'Brian Release 3 / Serial number 970327 claw.z5

The Wedding wedding.pkg  151k

An Interactive Family Headache by Neil James Brown This game came second in the Acorn User 1996 IF Competition. Release 4 / Serial number 970602 wedding.z5

The Windhall Chronicles windhal1.pkg  198k

Volume One: The Path to Fortune by Jeff Cassidy and Christopher E. Forman. Release 5 / Serial number 960828 windhal1.z8

The Z-Files zfiles.pkg  108k

An Interactive Guide to available Inform games, by Gunther Schmidl. Based on the Inform Games.  List by Neil Brown and Brendon Wyber. Release 3 / Serial number 980123 zfiles.z8

Zork: A Troll's Eye View troll.pkg  61k

An interactive tedium by Dylan O'Donnel. Release 1 / Serial number 980108 troll.z5

The Zuni Doll doll.pkg  78k

The Zuni Doll: An Interactive Horror Story, by Jesse Burneko. Release 1 / Serial number 971031 doll.z5