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Our January spotlight focused on several new releases and significant updates like the Field Worker Demo, PaperBoy and N*Project.  Many of the software packages listed in our January file reflect a major upgrade followed quickly by small updates and bug fixes from the developers within the month, including PocketDiabetiCare,   Sports Schedule Pro and Maker, Chat Buddy and i++.  Quick updates and fixes are generally a sign of the developer's continuing attention and responsiveness to a project, rather than a sign of problems within a package. Some packages originally debuted in January but were re-released in later months.

Last Update:

Works: Merge is a mail merge tool for the NewtWorks application. With easy to use features like toolbar driven place holders for field insertion and direct selection from the Names file, Newton users will find this tool the perfect companion for creating mailing list style publications. Works: Merge is for use with NewtWorks running on an MP2000 with Newton OS 2.x. The demo version is 30 day trial shareware with a registration fee of $24.95. This software product may be ordered online from Credit: Stand Alone, Inc.   28k

worksmerge.hqx   67k

WittyKeys 1.0
Last Update:

With WittyKeys for Newton OS2.1, Newton users have the ability to define their own key commands and shortcuts. For instance, users may switch between apps on their Newton with the traditional Alt+Tab or open Dates quickly with Command+D. Witty Keys includes functionality to bring up backlighting, power on/off, open extras folders and more! Credit: Thorsten Lange.   127k  

wkeys_e.hqx   90k  

NewtToDo 1.01
Last Update:

NewtToDo 1.01 is a full-featured to-do list application designed to help Newton users manage task lists more efficiently. This package includes extensive customization options and several unique features. Credit: Adam Tow of Foundation Systems.   240k  

newttodo-1_01_sit.hqx   337k  

NewtonID 2.0
Last Update:

NewtonID 2.0 is the latest release of Foundation Systems' developer-friendly Universal Newton ID software to help developers help users register software more easily while thwarting piracy. Credit: Adam Tow of Foundation Systems.   74k  

newtonid-2_0_sit.hqx   104k  

Last Update:

IfFound is a simple application which produces a tap-dismiss Owner Info screen which runs on startup. The idea is not to provide a security layer similar to PIN entry, but to help your Newton find its way home should you lose it. The author has released this package as a fully functional software version and requests a $5.00 donation if you find the product useful. Credit: Arnold Kim of Nemesis Productions.  8k

iffound_sit.hqx  11k

Writer's Keyboard
Last Update:

Writer's Keyboard provides the quick menu you've always wanted. The small window app provides a link to the standard on-screen keyboard, common punctuation and two user definable keys! The author has released this package as a fully functional software version and requests a $5.00 donation if you find the product useful. Credit: Arnold Kim of Nemesis Productions.   10k  

writer_sit.hqx   13k  

Stock Calculator
Last Update:

Stock Calculator for comes with handy user setup options and includes full buy/sell/commission calculation options.  Stock Calculator is currently available from System Support Products for a registration fee of $15 and may be registered via Kagi. More information
is available at SSPI's website. Credit: System Support Products, Inc.. 38k

stockclc.hqx 26k

Last Update:

ShowMate 2 allows Newton users total home audio/video control. ShowMate takes advantage of the Newton's infrared port to communicate with CD players, video players and any other standard IrDA port accesible home entertainment device. ShowMate supports most major equipment brands including Sony, Panasonic, Philips and JVC. Built in alarm functionality can turns a Newton into a sophisticated manager of audio & video equipment. With ShowMate Alarms Newton users can easily activate and use equipment at
pre-determined times. Credit: Sine of the Times.  107k

showmate.hqx 75k

i++ v2.00
Last Update:

i++ 2.00e - for Newton with OS2.0. With i++ you can extend/customize the menu shown when tapping an i-Button. Menu items can be included to open applications (without opening extras, frozen packages are activated on the fly and refrozen after usage) or to invoke other special actions (like changing the screen orientation, switching default store, backlight control, reporting battery/memory status.  Credit: Thorsten Lange  158k

ipp_e.hqx 113k

Easy Connect 2.0 Demo
Last Update:

EasyConnect 2.0 is a MessagePad terminal emulator for Newton OS 2.0. Easy Connect offers easy to use standard TTY and ANSI based emulation. Martinez's terminal emulator is one of the most full-featured products in its class. Both modem and serial connections and a local echo option are suppored in the latest version! Credit: Andres Martinez.   457k  

ezcd20_sit.hqx   319k  

QuickPress 1.4
Last Update:

QuickPress offers Newton and Macintosh users the ability to directly exchange text between a Newton and Macintosh desktop with drag and drop ease. The product offers full text exhange capability including Notes, URLs, and NewtonWorks.  QuickPress 1.4 is for use on Newtons running NOS 2.0 and requires a serial connection, serial tool or/and ADSP tool.  Credit:  Avanti Software.

Expected Release Date for
Windows 95/NT Systems: March 1998   

qpkit14.hqx   317k

Paperboy 1.5
Last Update:

Paperboy is a fully featured USENET news reader for Newton OS 2.x.   A wide range of functionality includes search, editing of queued mail, import of Notes and more!  Credit:  Stand Alone Software.   107k  

paperboy.hqx   138k  

Tibet 1.02 Demo
Last Update:

Tibet is an image capture and broadcast system which allows Newton users to email and send picture updates on the fly using a Newton MP 2x00 or eMate. With a corporate version for photojournalists, Tibet includes the ability to publish updates to webservers or to online databases for website updating. Web publish database compatibility includes Oracle, SQL, 4th Dimension and Filemaker. Users may even use database search capabilities or ask Compass Information Systems for a custom search option for expanded in-field scientific application. As of the release of this demo version, Tibet works with AGFA cameras.Credit:  Compass Information Systems.   91k

tibet102.hqx   266k

ChatBuddy 1.60
Last Update:

ChatBuddy 1.60 is a full IRC client for the Newton. This update corrects a number of bugs in previous versions of the software, as well as adding a "minimize" button and some additional commands. ChatBuddy requires Newton OS 2.0 and runs on MP130, MP2000, MP2100, and eMate 300 devices. While its not required, using NIE 2.0 is recommended, as well.

ChatBuddy supports most IRC commands and is compatible with almost all IRC servers. It features features resizeable windows, parental controls, full keyboard support, and allows connections to both multiple channels and multiple servers. It also supports DCC (direct client connection) transmits and receives of messages and files during IRC sessions for collaborating with others.   122k  

chatbddy.sit   123k  

Last Update:

LectraRef is a database of chip and connector pinouts for Newton devices. The LectraRef database lightens the load for Newton users who need to carry databooks info the field. LectraRef contains pinouts on chips ranging from dirt-common (74 series logic) to amazingly rare (CBM VIC multifunction ASIC). Credit: Lewin A.R.W. Edwards 50k

lectraref_sit.hqx 70k

Options 3.0
Last Update:

After installing this little application, you can change some undocumented options - like freeze - on Newton 2.x systems.  A full features list includes the ability to: change the amount of the subsequently correctable words, set the number of clipboards to more than one, activate Freezing to save heap space, set Undo-Redo default instead of Undo-Undo, close Extras always after opening.    NOTE: After installing you can find Options in the extras folder "Setup" by tapping "Preferences".  Credit: Softwarebüro Müller.   7k  

optionen.sit   7k  

SBM Utilities Beta 12
Last Update:

The SBM Utilities for Newton is a collection of tools primarily for developers, but some - like Backup and Restore - are useful for everyone. Please make a backup before are correcting any error, correct every error singly and check after correcting if the soup/package will work properly. Please note: Even if the SBM Utilties will be relative stable today, it's still a beta version and we need your help to find and correct the existing bugs. Checking out the documentation before use is highly recommended.   Also available below: Icon Editor beta for use with SBM Utilities.  Credit: Softwarebüro Müller.   109k  

utils.sit   110k   144k  

docs.sit   144k   15k  

iconedit.sit   15k  

MathLib 2.01 & nsScribe 1.12
Last Update:

The latest in Prism Research's math and physics applications, MathLib is an advanced math and stats routine library exportable to any Newton Script application. nsScribe is a NewtonScript tool which allows users to insert the answer to any NewtonScript question, similar to the Inspector in NTK, into a note or document via the Assist button or NewtonWorks tool.  For more product information, visit Prism Research.  Credit: Jonathan Kipling Knight of Prism Research.   115k  

mathlib_sit.hqx   161k   16k  

nsscribe_sit.hqx   22k  

Time Trax 1.0b4
Last Update:

TimeTrax offers an expanded overview, and more flexible appointment generation along with improved interface -- more information, more quickly. Users may associate event entries with a symbol denoting the type of event, whether birthday, meeting or holiday. Instead of short titles, users may enter multiple lines of description for an event, without having to link to Notepad to display expanded information. Time limited shareware. Credit: Config eG. 60k timetrax1_0b4_e_sit.hqx 86k

N*Project Pro demo
Last Update:

N*Project Pro, a fully Newton integrated project management system, compatible with many popular desktop MPX import/export capable PM systems. 15 day shareware. Credit: Nomadic Technologies. 219k np_demo_sit.hqx 285k

Newt 3.4
Last Update:

With NewtDevEnv, Newton users may develop applications using NewtonScript and save the resulting packages directly on the Newton. Although Apple's Newton ToolKit has become available for free, Newt 3.4 allows for portable or more direct prototyping.  See Steve Weyer's website for registration info and complete documentation.  Credit: Steve Weyer   301k  

newt-devenv-34_sit.hqx   366k  

Nflight(EP) 1.1
Last Update:

Nflight has been released as an early preview version for the purposes of user feedback developers.  Nflight a 3D, real-time, vector graphics flight simulator for the Newton MessagePad 2000 series. Loosely based on the early 1980's "FS-1" flight simulator from SubLogic, Nflight features 3D movement above an 8x8 world grid with a 2D mountain range along one edge and 2 runways. New features include sound, selectable world scenarios (some with fog), simple VOR navigation to and from runways, refueling, enhanced
control stick buttons, and more. While this product is pre-beta it is functional enough for gameplay use.  Credit: Lee Moon. 60k

nflightep.sit 61k

Pocket DiabetiCare 2.0b6
Last Update:

Pocket DiabetiCare 2.0b6 - Pocket DiabetiCare is a application for the Newton PDA. It was developed as a means to capture blood sugar readings and analyze this infomation as it occurs. It is only meant as a tool to aid in analyzing data, not a replacement for the advice of your doctor.  Latest beta includes printing support, charting fixes and improved averages in which 0 readings are no longer included. Credit: Tactile Systems.   62k   

diabeticare.sit   62k   

Sports Schedule Pro 1.16
SSP Schedule Maker 1.05
Last Update:

Sports Schedule Pro 1.16 and companion schedules help Newton users keep track of their favorite league's games. Included with Sports Schedule Maker are schedules for the NHL, NFL or NBA. The latest version includes schedule filtering and tv listing features. The newly released product, SSP Schedule Maker 1.05, takes SSP one step further: it allows users to make their own sports schedules for SSP! The SSP Schedule Maker is a potential favorite of coaches everywhere - amateur and professional.  Below, Sports Schedule Pro 1.16  (Freeware) , the NBA and NHL schedules and SSP Schedule Maker 1.05 (30 day shareware.)  Credit: Mark A. Peters.   39k  

sportsschedulepro_sit.hqx   54k   24k  

sportsschedulepronba_sit.hqx   32k   7k  

sportsschedulepronhl_sit.hqx   24k   126k  

sspschedulemaker_sit.hqx   180k

FieldWorker Basic Demo
Last Update:

The FieldWorker Basic Demo software allows you to create up to 2 projects with 5 screens each and permits readings of up to 4 stations. Sample projects with data are included to illustrate FieldWorker's capabilities.   Note: In order to connect the GPS receiver to your Newton serial port, (to capture GPS signals) you must provide your own cable. FieldWorker GPS cables are provided with the purchase of any full version of the software.  Demos of the Advanced and Pro versions of this package are available from the developer.  Credit: FieldWorker Products.   381k  

basdemo_sit.hqx   216k