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TimeTrax 1.1b5
Last Update:

TimeTrax offers an expanded overview, and more flexible appointment generation along with improved interface -- more information, more quickly. Users may associate event entries with a symbol denoting the type of event, whether birthday, meeting or holiday. Instead of short titles, users may enter multiple lines of description for an event, without having to link to Notepad to display expanded information. A German version is also available from the developer. This version includes many new features and fixes!  If you've installed previous versions of TimeTrax, this new version gives you another 30 days to evaluate the product.  Before you install the latest version of TimeTrax, the developers request that you make a backup of your Newton data, remove the current version of TimeTrax from your Newton and be sure to have 200k of free memory upon installation. If TimeTrax is the backdrop-application, select e.g notes as backdrop first. Credit: Config eG. 119k timetrax1_1B5_sit.hqx 115k

SBM Utilities 1.3.4
Last Update:

The SBM Utilities for Newton is a collection of tools primarily for developers, but some - like Backup and Restore - are useful for everyone. This product has been significantly enhanced after a thirteen part beta program. Checking out the documentation before use is highly recommended.   Also available below: Icon Editor beta for use with SBM Utilities. Docs are current as of version 1.3.2  -- for the latest documentation visit the Softwarebüro Müller website. Credit: Softwarebüro Müller.   293k  

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House Zone & House Zone Archives
Last Update:

Urban music disc jockeys DJ MG and DJ Theory have teamed up with Newton user Hubertus Mueller to produce a Newton version of House Zone, a regular column featured in Urban Beat. If you're a fan of jazz or just want to read thoughtful and well written music reviews, venue reviews and industry news, check out House Zone for the Newton. Credit: DJ MG, DJ Theory and Hubertus Mueller. 47k 

HouseZoneSept.sit 47k 39k HouseZoneAug.sit 32k 39k HouseZoneJuly.sit 32k 

6th Newton Book of IMDb
Last Update:

If you use your Newton to keep track of movies you've been wanting to rent, try Tom Sheppard's Newton Book of the world famous Internet Movie Database. Mr. Sheppard's Newton book is a searchable collection of movies mostly from the US and Canada released between 1997 and 1998.  The latest version includes a jump to naviagation feature in the listing the included movies also on the AFI's Top 100 and the IMDb's Top 250.   Users interested in downloading the Newton Book of IMDb may also want to grab Avi Drissman's '61 Memory Fix as the author reports his book  may generate -10061 errors.  IMPORTANT: When downloading this 3.5 MB file, make sure you have enough space on a card to do so -- if insufficient space is available, the card will be erased. For screenshots and other info, visit Mr. Sheppard's website. Credit: Tom Sheppard. 1.5M

IMDb_CAUS_9798_1010_pkg.sit 1.5M

AFI & IMDb Abbreviated Newton Book 1990-1998
Last Update:

IMDb book containing just the Top 250 IMDb and 100 AFI movie titles, countries, IMDb rating and number of votes and AFI rankings. Since the two books don't include plots, actors, producers or directors listings, they're super fast to load and navigate. This release now includes improved search handling and listings from Australia and the UK as well as the original US and Canada listings. This book has information from 1990 through 1998 and features new jump to navigation. For screenshots and other info, visit Mr. Sheppard's website. Credit: Tom Sheppard. 612k

IMDb_Ratings_90-98_1010_pkg.sit 605k

AFI & IMDB Top Movies Newton Book
Last Update:

Tom Sheppard's new Newton book comprising the American Film Institute's Top 100 movies of all time list and the Internet Movie Database's Top 250 movie picks.  The latest version includes improved search handling.  This is a great way to get even more use out of your Newton -- at the rental store! This book features the new Jump to navigation. For screenshots and other info, visit Mr. Sheppard's website. Credit: Tom Sheppard. 611k

IMDb_Top_1010_pkg.sit 604k

Geek Gas 1.1
Last Update:

Geek Gas is a simple, yet geeky, mileage calculator for logging car use and maintenance triggers. Credit: Newtopia.  15k 

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