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Newton Forever Demo
Last Update:

Graphical demo of rotating Newton logo. Processor intensive - so MP2x00 required. Credit: Nemesis Productions.   4k  

newtonforever_sit.hqx   7k  

PT100 v1.1b2
Terminal Emulator & Telnet Client
Last Update:

A Telnet client for the Newton platform that fully supports NIE 2.0 (and Ethernet connections), PT100 also is a very complete and functional VT100 terminal emulator. The versions here are shareware, and will only support sessions of 5 minutes or less; full versions can be purchased directly from the developer (contact info enclosed in the files below).  Credit: Scrawl Software.   139k

PT100v11b2.hqx   199k

Mini Writer's Keyboard
Last Update:

This is a replacement keyboard for the standard QWERTY soft-keyboard that comes standard on the Newton. It is intended for those who handwrite quite a bit on their Newtons. The Mini Writer's Keyboard is a smaller version of the Writer's Keyboard. However, this version no longer has vertical orientation as an option and the keyboard is always tiny. Credit: Arnold Kim, Nemesis Productions.   8k  

miniwrit.sit   9k  

Astronomical Precession 1.0
Last Update:

Astronomical Precession is a freeware calculator that will determine the position of a star in the sky based upon prior known data. If you knew where the star was (in celestial coordinates) on a certain date (epoch), this program will calculate where the star can be found at any other time within 500 years of the original data. The author credits an astronomy magazine with the original algorithm, but the Newton version is an original effort.  Credit: David Findley.   11k

precessi.hqx   46k

Simple Mail 2.21
Last Update:

SimpleMail is a Newton e-mail transport that lets you send and receive messages over the internet using POP/SMTP. It uses the Newton Internet Enabler (NIE 1.1 or NIE 2.0), so it will only work with Newton 2.0 or better. It works with MP120, MP130, MP2000 and eMate. It's compact, taking up only 87K store space. Best of all, SimpleMail is free! Credit: Simon Bell   59k

ssm221_sit.hqx   104k

LookOut 1.1 Beta 3
Last Update:

LookOut 1.1 beta 3 supports synchronization of contacts, appointments and tasks from Microsoft Outlook. This program is fully integrated with the Newton's Names and Dates calendar, and can synchronize OutLook tasks with a Newton's To Do list. Data can be transferred via serial cable, modem or even via email. LookOut offers newton users a reliable Windows to Newtons communication.  This beta will expire on March 4, 1998. To Install: Unzip, then run the resulting file  - lookout11b1.exe.  Be sure you have already installed Microsoft's Outlook.  The Newton lookout.pkg must be installed, and will be located  in: x:\program files\seamless software\lookout\lookout.pkg  where X is your drive letter.   Credit: Seamless Software.   5.2M


Accordian 1.0
Last Update:

Revelar's Accordian Connection Utility provides a feature-filled live connection from any NOS 2.x Newton to FileMaker Pro 3.0 databases on a Macintosh. Accordian Connection Utility 1.0 is intended for use with FileMaker Pro 3.0 for the Macintosh (68040 or PowerPC processor, System 7.x or 8, 8 Mb RAM) and the Newton MessagePad 120, 130, 2x000 or eMate 300 running NOS 2.x.  This download includes documentation and is shareware.  Credit: Revelar Software.


accordian.hqx 1M

Have Newt?
Last Update:

Would you like to show folks more reasons why they should get themselves the best PDA in the business?  Have a look at Dean Siracusa's original Newton Book on how he uses his Newton every day.  Credit: Dean Siracusa, Siracusa Productions.  Mr. Siracusa is an automotive advertising photographer and professor of photography at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. 19k

havenewt.pkg 36k

Aloha 2.4.5
Last Update:

Aloha is an email client for Newton PDAs that uploads and downloads email from America Online. Performs flash email session to AOL, access multiple AOL accounts, save multiple access numbers.   SprintNet, AOLNet, AOLGlobalNet, and AOL's 800 number networks supported.   Features an auto scheduler, return receipt and works with cellular and landline modems. Connect at speeds up to 28,800 baud, filter incoming messages on title or email address, set internet style signature to all out going messages. 14 day demo. Credit: Catamount Software.   81k  

aloha245.sit   83k  

Newton Aviator 1.2
Last Update:

Newton Aviator is the world's only flight planning product for the Newton PDA. Users can plan every aspect of a flight, from basic pre-flight planning to flight speed, weight, balance and course. Using a built-in airport database, including computing true course, users may anticipate heading and groundspeed, weight and balance, density altitude, expected time enroute, and more. Listed below, NOS 2.x software and documentation.   Credit:  Jeff Piazza, Newton Aviator Software.

PROGRAM   67k   

PROGRAM aviatrd2_pkg_sea.hqx   123k   

DOCS   92k   

DOCS aviator_pdf_sea.hqx   150k   

Crypto 1.1
Last Update:

Crypto is a great word puzzle game which supports solving cryptogram, code, cipher (single character substitution) puzzles, like those in newspapers. Crypto is a shareware, 2.x-only Newton application: it works best on MesssagePad 2000 (MP2K) or eMate, but it can also be used with short puzzles on smaller screens (MP130 or MP120). Credit: Steve Weyer.   130k   

crypto11_sit.hqx   174k   

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