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All samples are credited to: Bruce Thompson, Apple.

Digital Books
Entire Section download  338k

digitalb.sit.hqx  338k

Beyond Help - 5  26k

beyndhlp.sit.hqx  42k

Illustrates creation and usage of a custom help book.

Book Maker Examples - 1  104k

bookmake_sit.hqx  185k

Sample books shipped with Newton Book Maker 1.0 converted for use with Newton Book Maker 1.1 and Newton ToolKit 1.6.3. Book.  samples include: BigPicture, Browser, Flags, Kiosk, Layout, MoreBrowsing, Picture, and Simple

BookSample - 4  75k

booksam_sit.hqx  112k

A sample book source--the Newton Book Maker User's Manual in Newton Book Reader form.