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Lectraref is a collection of pinouts and IC diagrams for a fairly diverse set of integrated circuits. The items in its database are mostly legacy components, focused on 74XX series logic ICs, as well as a number of other devices. Freeware.   110k  

lectraref_sit.hqx   156k  

Score Card 1.1
Last Update:

Score Card allows users to keep track of baseball and softball games, compiling the game play and keeping game statistics for each of the players. It is compatible with any Newton OS 2.X device (MP2000, MP2100, and eMate 300). In addition to the software itself, Newton Score Card also includes both National League and American League rosters, and the ability to create custom rosters for any league. Shareware ($50 registration).   97k   97k   

TimeTrax 1.01
Last Update:

TimeTrax offers an expanded overview, and more flexible appointment generation along with improved interface -- more information, more quickly. Users may associate event entries with a symbol denoting the type of event, whether birthday, meeting or holiday. Instead of short titles, users may enter multiple lines of description for an event, without having to link to Notepad to display expanded information. A German version is also available from the developer. The final version includes many new features and fixes!  Time limited shareware. Credit: Config eG. 265k timetrax1_01E_sit.hqx 376k

FormIt 2.1
Last Update:

CHeSsy's FormIt is a system for designing, personal Stationery on your Macintosh desktop for use with Newton Notes and NewtonWorks built-in Newton applications. The re-release signals CHS System's farewell to Newton development, but FormIt will be supported until the end of 1998. This new 30 day demo release offers a ten Newton license for FormIt for the final clearance price of $19.95, a significant price reduction. For FormIt support or registration information email FormIt works with all Newtons based on the Newton Operating System 2.0 and above. This includes the following Newton hardware: MP120 w/NOS 2.0, MP130, MP2000, MP2100 and the eMate300. Credit: CHS Systems.


formit-f121all.sit.hqx   1.3M  

Route Book 1.0
Last Update:

Route Book is a 2.1-only (i.e., MP2K, MP2100, eMate) extension that adds "text routing" capability to all books. Newton Help books typically do not offer a routing button or menu found in most other types of Notes or Newton text documents. For regular books, tapping the routing button pops up a menu with only Print Book and Fax (and HyperLink -- if Steve Weyer's HyperNewt is installed, to save a link/bookmark to the current document, using isbn and page number; and URL for Newt's Cape). Route Book adds many more routing options including Beam, EMail, Speaktext.    Registered users of Newt's Cape 1.6a-2 or b-2 betas should install the latest Newt's Cape version 1.6c-2 or greater rather than installing Route Book, as those versions of Newt's Cape include RouteBook functionality. Otherwise, book routing menus will interfere and not behave correctly.  Route Book was originally part of Newt's Cape 1.6a-2 (beta), but the developer decided to extract it as a separate extension so that other book users could benefit and it would be easier to update.  Credit: Steve Weyer.  7k

rtbk10_sit.hqx  10k

TimeCards 1.1d
Last Update:

TimeCards is an application specifically designed for tracking time spent working with different projects. During the development of TC rapid, efficient entry of data was the driving requirement leading to an interface that requires 1 to 4 taps on the screen to enter Time record. When time entries are added to TC comments can be appended as well. The newst version of timecards includes a fix for a reported startup error.  Credit: Volker Deffner. 104k tc11dpkg.hqx 143k

newtFTP 2.0
Last Update:

NewtFTP is a Newton-based FTP client that supports file uploading and downloading (PUT and GET FTP commands), directory maintenance (e.g. make a new directory, rename, delete, etc.) and installation of Newton packages directly via FTP. This version has been significantly enhanced.   It requires Newton OS 2.0, and operates on MP130, MP2000, MP2100, and eMate 300 Newton devices. While it works with NIE 1.0, NIE 2.0 is also recommended. Credit: Tactile Systems.  115k  

newtftp2.sit   115k  

SBM Utilities 1.0
Last Update:

The SBM Utilities for Newton is a collection of tools primarily for developers, but some - like Backup and Restore - are useful for everyone. This product has been significantly enhanced after a thirteen part beta program. Checking out the documentation before use is highly recommended.   Also available below: Icon Editor beta for use with SBM Utilities.  Credit: Softwarebüro Müller.   153k  

utils.sit   154k   159k  

docs.sit   159k   15k  

iconedit.sit   15k  

DinoCrypt 1.0b4
Last Update:

Crypto is a simple package which allows Newton users to en- and decrypt text on the MessagePad. Users simply select the text to encrypt, then click Encrypt Selection on the Button Bar. Decryption is just as simple, and is password enabled. For usage instructions and time limit information, see the included readme files.  Credit: Marcel Strittmatter, Dinoware.  25k

dinorypt1.0b4.sit  27k

LookOut 1.1 beta 5
Last Update:

LookOut 1.1 beta 5 supports synchronization of contacts, appointments and tasks from Microsoft Outlook. This program is fully integrated with the Newton's Names and Dates calendar, and can synchronize OutLook tasks with a Newton's To Do list. Data can be transferred via serial cable, modem or even via email. LookOut offers newton users a reliable Windows to Newtons communication.  This beta will expire on April 25, 1998. To Install: Unzip, then run the resulting file  - lookout11b4.exe.  Be sure you have already installed Microsoft's Outlook.  The new Newton lookout.pkg must be installed, and will be located  in:  x:\program files\seamless software\lookout\lookout.pkg  where X is your drive letter.   Credit: Seamless Software.   5.2M


Dancing Baby Movie 1.2
Last Update:

The Dancing Baby Movie illustrates a certain neurotic Boston lawyer's biological clock inspired nemesis.  The author includes a nod to Lee Moon for his coding assistance. Freeware. Credit: Arnold Kim, Nemesis Productions.   145k  

dance12.sit   161k  

Last Update:

3-up is a perpetual calendar which displays 3 months in a floating window. Two arrows allow you to move backwards and forwards through the year 3 months at a time. On a MessagePad 2000/2100, you can place 3-up on the button bar for quick access: Open extras,  Select 3-up by holding down your pen on the icon until you hear the squeak.  Lift your pen, then place it down again on the icon and drag it to the button bar.   Freeware. Credit: Burr Oak Software.   4k  

3-up_sit.hqx   6k  

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