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All samples are credited to: Bruce Thompson, Apple.

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routing.sit.hqx  180k

AutoRoute - 4  32k

autorote.sit.hqx  45k

This sample shows how to Route data to the Out Box in Newton 2.0 OS without using a protoActionButton. The user interface contains controls to choose transports and Routing Formats, as well as controls for optional item slots (including a printer chooser).

CustomRoute - 2  45k

custrot.sit.hqx  46k

Shows how to set up your routing formats and routeScripts for Newton OS 2.0.

MultiRoute - 1  25k

multrote.sit.hqx  33k

This sample code shows how to route data from overviews, using both 'newtOverview and "custom data class" methods. Also contains an example of protoSoupOverview.

VariRoute - 1  41k

varirote.sit.hqx 57k

This sample shows how to layout and print items with varying heights, using three different types of data and corresponding techniques. The first type of data is "simple variable height" views, in which each view can determine it's own height. The second type of data is clEditView data that might include shapes, sketches, maps, or other types of grouped data. The third type of data is a huge string that must be broken apart into variable-height paragraphs.