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All samples are credited to: Bruce Thompson, Apple.

Entire Section download  163k

endpoint.sit.hqx  1.5M

Basic LlamaTalk - 1  373k

llamatlk.sit.hqx  797k

Updated LlamaTalk sample for use with Newton 2.0 protoBasicEndpoint. The Newton component is a simple front-end which demonstrates sending and receiving transactions of various data types. It makes calls to a protoLlamaTalk user proto which is an encapsulation of EVERYTHING needed to handle ADSP and MNP communications reliably. The Mac component is a simple back-end which receives transactions and echos back a "hex dump" of the transaction data. It makes calls to a robust multiple-client communications library built on top of the Mac CommToolBox. ALL I/O is asynchronous and interrupt-driven. The library uses no globals and can be called from within an Application, Control Panel, Init, XCommand, 4D External, etc. etc.

Basic Modem - 2  23k

basmodem.sit.hqx  35k

ACME Modem ported to 2.0 Provides an example of CommScripting in the 2.0 world.

Basic Serial - 2  23k

basseril.sit.hqx  34k

ACME Serial ported to 2.0 Provides an example of CommScripting in the 2.0 world.

Comms FSM - 6  50k

commfsm.sit.hqx  75k

Complete finite state machine template for executing the entire endpoint lifecycle.

Thumb - 8  65k

thumb.sit.hqx  117k

An example of how to use the Newton Internet Enabler to contact a standard TCP/IP service, the finger service. Uses the Finite State Machine protos.

Tool Time - 2  302k

tooltime.sit.hqx  302k

Tool Time is a Newton 2.1 OS only application. It allows you to use and test the built-in comm tools. The currently supported comm tools are: serial, modem, ADSP, IrDA, and NIE.