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All samples are credited to: Bruce Thompson, Apple.

System Data & Built In Apps
Entire Section download  134k

systemda.sit.hqx  161k

Cardfile Extensions - 1  25k

cardfile.sit.hqx  34k

This sample shows how to extend the built-in Names application by adding new card types, new information to existing card types, new ways of looking at existing cards, and new bizCard formats.

Extra Change - 3  12k

extrachg.sit.hqx  12k

This sample app changes it's icon(and text) in the Extras drawer when you tap it.

HandWrite - 1  11k

handwrt.sit.hqx  16k

HandWrite illustrates how to register a Newton Works tool for a particular piece of Newton Works stationery. HandWrite registers a Tool that provides the user with a input view for the Newton Works word processor.

Party Time - 1  14k

parttime.sit.hqx  18k

This sample illustrates how to add a new meeting type to the built-in "Dates" application

PeoplePicker - 1  11k

peplpick.sit.hqx  16k

Shows how to use the protoPeoplePicker to choose people from the cardfile.

Sketch - 1  35k

sketch.sit.hqx   48k

Sketch illustrates the basics of creating Newton Works-specific stationery.

Stamps&Patterns - 1  18k

stmppatt.sit.hqx  18k

Stamps&Patterns shows how to register stamps and patterns with the Newton Works Draw stationery. Registered stamps show up when you tap the stamp picker. Registered patterns show up when you tap the pattern picker.