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Newton Internet Enabler

Newton Internet Enabler 1.1 & Dev Files

NIE is networking software that runs allows Newton users to connect to the Internet and TCP/IP-based intranets. NIE supports either a modem-based dial-up connection (e.g. from an Internet Service Provider) or a LAN-based connection (e.g. an ethernet or LocalTalk network).Users will use NIE in conjunction with Internet applications such as a web browser, e-mail software, or other internet application software.   981k  

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Newton Internet Enabler 2.0

The Newton Internet Enabler (NIE v2.0) allows developers of Newton 2.x applications to enable TCP/IP networking in their applications. NIE v2.0 features include: Ethernet PC Card support, Support for both AppleTalk and TCP/IP over ethernet, Support for DHCP and MacIP servers, Support for multiple DNS servers,   Support for modem and serial connection (PPP or SLIP), including:  support for scripted, PAP, or CHAP authentication,  login script activity window, logout scripts   re-dialing of phone numbers, multiple phone numbers for a single location, advanced serial connection options (PC Card slot, port speed, etc.)   959k  

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NIE 2.0 Developer Goodies

Developers should download both the regular NIE distribution archive as well as the developer goodies. The developer goodies included sample code and API documentation. Please be sure to read the release notes accompanying this version for issues that may arise using NIE. If you have questions about setting up NIE, be sure to read the NIE User's Guide which is available in the distribution archive. Use and knowledge about this product is covered and bound by the terms of the license you will need to execute upon installation of the software.  634k  

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