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CD Changer 1.1
Last Update:

Now Newton users can use their MP to instruct their Sony CD Changer which tracks to play. To import your CD list into CD Changer, simply make a comma delimited text file of all the CDs, including entries for empty CD slots. When making a Newton Book file of the names, be sure to specify the long name "MyCDList". On first run, CD Changer 1.1 will build your CD list and save it. After this, you may delete the Newton Book pkg. If you don't own NewtonPress to make the Newton Book, the author is willing to generate one for you!The author credits Sanjay Vakil of Scrawl, LLC. with the core IR for the product. Credit: Nemesis Productions.   19k

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CouchFire Demo
Last Update:

From your arm chair, quickly find your favorite shows using your Newton handheld computer. Couch Fire is a TV programming guide that includes accurate, weekly updates via email. Couch Fire combines the feel of a paper guide with the smarts of a computer. Its auto-updating TV grid and search tools make it easier to use and more powerful. Credit: Tempest Productions.   80k  

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DSR 1.20
Last Update:

DSR is a program that will enable you to record notes on the MP2000 without opening the lid. DSR uses the Power Switch to start and stop recording. Recording may be done with Newton on, off or by using buttons in the DSR application. For usage, view the Readme included.  Credit: DMP Systems.   32k  

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MoviePlayer 1.0
Last Update:

MoviePlayer a simple Quicktime movie player for the Newton, MoviePlayer 1.0. While this package is simple in nature, the wow factor is huge. The developer recommends having at least 130kb of free memory available before installation. A fully functional 30 day demo Credit: Peter M. Leenes of NewtBrick.   385k  

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Last Update:

ShowMate 2 allows Newton users total home audio/video control. ShowMate takes advantage of the Newton's infrared port to communicate with CD players, video players and any other standard IrDA port accesible home entertainment device. ShowMate supports most major equipment brands including Sony, Panasonic, Philips and JVC. Built in alarm functionality can turns a Newton into a sophisticated manager of audio & video equipment. With ShowMate Alarms Newton users can easily activate and use equipment at
pre-determined times. Credit: Sine of the Times.  107k

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Last Update:

SonyMeeting is an autopart that adds a new meeting type to the calendar of your Newton. A Sony meeting very much resembles a traditional meeting, but carries additional information about the TV channel and can be routed to your Sony VCR via IR. Your VCR should then be programmed for a recording at the selected time and channel.  With this release, SonyMeeting has outlived it's name - it also supports Philips now.  Recent additions were Long Play and alternate inputs (Line 1 and Line 2), also proper landscape support.  I was even able to verify it works on an MP2k SonyMeeting will only work on OS 2.0 and for some Sony and some Philips VCRs. I have tested it on a Sony SLV-E7 and on a Philips VCR whose name escapes me. SonyMeeting is not a general purpose remote control. For this purpose, I recommend ShowMate which is scriptable and has some nice other features. Credit:  Lars Immisch.   9k  

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VoiceNotes 1.1
Last Update:

VoiceNotes 1.1 is the unique tool to turn a MP2x00 into a full-featured digital dictating machine. Recordings can be compressed up to 1K/sec, which is 3.5MB for a 1 hour recording. This version includes ALL of the features of the registered version, and you're limited only by length of recording. VoiceNotes helps users take advantage of the digital recording features of the Newton, including on the fly power switch activated recording and several levels of sound recording options. VoiceNotes also has a handy Search feature so you can find your VoiceNotes by date, title, attached memo or folder.   An updated pdf manual is available for this product.  Credit:   EBB.   65k  

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