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Notepad Server 1.2
Last Update:

Notepad Server works with a modified version of Ray Rischpater's nHTTPd to allow Newton users to server up Notes from your Newton to WWW clients. Notepad Server adds HTML formatting to the selected Note. nHTTPd then kicks in to serve up your page to a selected IP (your desktop machine.) This version includes significant enhancements, including international character support, Server Side Includes (SSI), raw HTML serving capability and more! The author plans future upgrades to this product, including Future versions of Notepad server may include features such as the ability to also serve lists and outlines from stationery types in the Notepad, enhanced customization options for HTML display, automatic text style recognition and conversion to HTML, and the ability to post notes to the host Newton from a form. Reading the documentation included is very important!  This download includes a special version of the required nHTTPd and also requires NOS 2.x and NIE 1.1 or greater. Freeware Credit: Matthew Vaughn, LightYear Media.   64k

Note_Serv1_2.sit   62k

Clarity 1.0
Last Update:

This package helps teachers maintain useful records while moving about the classroom, in the field, or wherever the teacher might choose to work. With Clarity, users may more easily keep attendance records, do lesson planning, and assess student performance. Teachers will find the Parent Report generator one of the most significant functions of Clarity. In just one step, a teacher may make available a student's entire history including attendance, grades and individual observation. Credit: New World Software.  (Note: If you're downloading the pkg file, you may also want to download some documentation, available with the zipped version too.) 203k

clarity.pkg 486k

Leverage 3.01a40 Alpha
Last Update:

Leverage is a powerful database builder  for Newton devices. Leverage features very easy database creation and query definition, simple data exchange with desktop applications, and excellent performance. This demo is an alpha version to test user evaluation of potential new features.  Credit: Balcones Software.   248k  

lev3_01a40_pkg_sit.hqx   343k

ANSI C Standard Library
Last Update:

The ANSI C Standard Library Newton book is a handy reference including classification of standard ANSI C tags and their definitions. This extensive Newton book also includes usage tips! Credit: Michael Jones. 15k

ansicref.pkg 65k

Basic HTML Guide
Last Update:

The Basic HTML Reference Newton book is a guide for those who are new to HTML but who'd like to try out the Newton as a WWW Notes server with Matthew Vaughn's Notepad Server.  This is a great reference point if you'd like to familiarize yourself with basic HTML tags, too! With this Newton  book, users may cut and paste many common HTML tags into their notes.   This book covers tags from starting the page to image linking.  Credit: Michael Jones. 5k

basichtml.pkg 17k

HyperNewt 2.62
Last Update:

HyperNewt is a revolutionary way to create and organize data on a Newton. With intuitive interface, flexible data management controls, and powerful linking capabilities, HyperNewt is a new window to information. Implementing a hierarchical filing system, HyperNewt lets users create any number of folders and subfolders to store notes, checklists, outlines, and other notepad stationery, in a cleaner and more efficient manner.  Leveraging on the Newton¹s soup data architecture, HyperNewt can act as a freeform database for handling all types of information on your Newton. If you store HyperNewt internally or have installed Stand Alone's SuperNotepad,  do not choose to have HyperNewt replace the Notepad app at startup. If you have chosen to replace the Notepad app with HyperNewt, *DO NOT* make HyperNewt your backdrop application. Opening HyperNewt will cause an alert to appear asking you to use the Notepad app instead. This version includes numerous bug fixes and now works better viewing  HyperLinks.   Credit: Adam Tow, Foundation Systems.   281k  

hypernewt-2_62-en_sit.hqx   395k  

Dash Board 1.1.1b1
Last Update:

This beta version of Dash Board fixes a landscape mode bug and now works with Innovative Computer Solutions' Gesture Launch 3.1 scripting application.  Dash Board gives Newton users instant (and more importantly constant) access to any application installed or running on the MP. One of the best features is a HWR shortcut box! For instance, if a user wants to run Calculator while in another app, he only has to write a "C" in the small text box on the Extras bar and Calculator pops up. The features in this package are numerous and full -- from glance access to time, battery and memory status, volume, contrast and backlight controls to a Win95/Start-like popup program menu and user programmable scripts. The latest version includes a few fixes and screen redraw enhancements. Credit: FiveSpeed Software.   82k  

DashBoard1_1_1b1_sit.hqx   127k  

MathLib 3.01
Last Update:

The latest in Prism Research's math and physics applications, MathLib is an advanced math and stats routine library exportable to any Newton Script application. Now, MathLib is smaller, faster and offers more base conversions. Credit: Prism Research.   157k  

mathlib_sit.hqx   220k  

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