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Newton C++ Tools
Please read the Apple License before Downloading or Distributing.
The Newton C++ Tools require Newton Toolkit for Macintosh version 1.6.3 or later.

Newton C++ Tools
for the Macintosh
CPPTools1.0withMPW.sea.hqx   4.2M   CppTools1.0withoutMPW.sea.hqx   1.5M  

These contain the C++ compiler and linker tools, and necessary libraries, include files, and MPW scripts. The 'withMPW' version is a complete drag-and-drop install
that includes the MPW shell and everything else needed for the Newton C++ Tools. It will require 9-12MB of disk space depending on your volume size. The 'withoutMPW' archive requires between 4-6MB of disk space, and contains just the files you need to add to an existing MPW shell to use the Newton C++ Tools.  You need to download only one of these archives. For a quick setup, just download and decompress the CppTools1.0withMPW.sea.hqx file. Open the "Newton C++ Tools with MPW" folder and drag everything to the final location on your hard disk. The MPWforNCT folder should NOT be placed inside any folder(s) with names that contain any special characters like spaces, quote marks, etc. Also download and decompress the CppToolsDocs.sea.hqx file.  If you have a Power Macintosh computer or Mac OS compatibile system, there's a file "StdCLibInit" within the "System Extensions for MPW" folder. Drag it onto your System Folder and restart your computer (you can also discard the now empty "System Extensions for MPW" folder).  Now launch the MPW Shell. It will ask you to specify the root directory for NCT; you should select the NCT_Projects folder. In a moment, you should see "Newton C++ Tools" menu with a pull-right menu for the "Demos" project at the bottom; select the sub-menu item "Demos" and you're ready to start exploring the  Newton C++ Tools Demos.  You need to update your NTK 1.6 using the "NTK 1.6.3 Updater" if you have not already done so.   If you want to conserve hard drive space by adding the Newton C++ Tools to an existing MPW installation, see the ReadMe file in the C++ Tools as Additions for MPW folder.

Newton C++ Documentation for the Macintosh CppToolsDocs.sea.hqx   1.2M

This important archive contains the Newton C++ Tools documentation in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires 1.4MB of disk space.

Newton C++ Debugging Tools NewtsBug1.0.sea.hqx   1.2M

This is the low-level debugger "Newtsbug" which is part of the Newton C++ Tools. It allows you to set break points in the ARM assembly code produced by the
C++ tools, and examine registers, memory, etc. Documentation on this tool is part of the archive. 1.1MB of disk space is used by these files. This version of NewtsBug is useful only with the Apple MessagePad 120 and 130 products. When you are ready to try debugging with Newtsbug, download and uncompress NewtsBug1.0.sea.hqx and at least one ROM image. Each ROM Image is more than 7 megabytes in size, so you probably don't want to waste disk space for images which you won't use. You should drag the image files you need to the Debugger_Images folder, which is inside the NCT_Projects folder.  Last step: make an alias of the Newtsbug application and put that alias inside the Tools folder, which is inside the NCT_Folder, which is inside the MPWforNCT folder.  When you already have MPW installed

ROM Images for C++ Tools small20.JPG (1295 bytes) MP120_English.sea.hqx   1.2M
small20.JPG (1295 bytes) MP120_German.sea.hqx   1.2M
small20.JPG (1295 bytes) MP130_English.sea.hqx   1.2M
small20.JPG (1295 bytes) SORRY, GERMAN MP130 NOT

In addition to NewtsBug, you will need a ROM image that
matches your Newton device. Each image requires 6.7MB of disk space.