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All samples are credited to: Bruce Thompson, Apple.

Pickers, Popups, and Overviews
Entire Section download  233k

pickersp.sit.hqx  311k

ListPickerSamples - 2  105k

listpick.sit.hqx  147k

A set of samples showing most of the API's for protoListPicker. Includes array and soup based listPickers.

PictIndex - 1  11k

pictindx.sit.hqx  12k

Demonstrates using protoPictIndexer, which allows you to specify a large picture as a series of selectable small pictures.

protoNumberPicker_TDS - 1  20k

numbpick.sit.hqx  29k

A complete replacement for the system supplied protoNumberPicker in Newton OS 2.0. The protoNumberPicker_TDS proto has more functionality than the system supplied protoNumberPicker. It can set the value at run time, handle positive and negative numbers, include the sign in the picker, and has none of protoNumberPicker's drawing glitches.

protoOverview - 2  16k

protooverview.sit.hqx  20k

How to make protoOverview work.

protoSlimPicker - 1  65k

slimpick.sit.hqx  92k

A slimmer version of protoListPicker. Also featured in Newton Technology Journal Volume II, Number 4.

WhereInTheWorld - 1  8k

wherwrld.sit.hqx  13k

Shows the map-based pickers.