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Alarm Pak 1.42 & Sound Pak 1.1
Last Update:

AlarmPak captures the Reminder messages from the Dates application and handles these message much better than the Newton does. AlarmPak lets you set the volume, beep, and frequency of alarms. AlarmPak also remembers an unlimited number of reminder messages, so you don't have to.  AlarmPak 2.0 (for Newton OS 2.0) includes SoundPak! SoundPak adds additional sounds to AlarmPak. SoundPak use very little heap memory (about 550 bytes). SoundPak is automatically installed in a folder called Extensions in the extras drawer. When installed, additional sounds are available in AlarmPak's prefs. Credit: Atomic Software.   249k  

alarmpak.sit  270k  

Alert Maker
Last Update:

Make your own alert and alarm sounds! Alert Maker is a tool that allows you to create your own alert sounds by converting Notes sound recordings to alert sounds. Requires a Newton device with sound recording. This has been tested on a MessagePad 2000. Compatible with deep focus designs' Roosta (In the Databases: Calendars & Clocks section) and  Sound Off! Credit: deep focus designs.   26k  

alertmaker.sit   27k  

Announce 1.0
Last Update:

Announce is a cure for the "Text to Speech Envy" suffered by MP 120 and 130 owners! While Announce does not do true TTS (that's in the works right now), Announce does talk.  On startup, a pleasant male voice announces any or all of the following: 1) Day of the Week 2) The Current Date 3) The Current Year 4) The Current Time 5) The Time and Day of Week (if different from today) of your Next Appointment 6) The Status of Your Battery. To configure Announce, tap the application icon and a prefs dialog will come up.. it should be self-explanatory. Credit: Matthew Vaughn.   79k  

announce_pkg.sit  79k  

DSR 1.20
Last Update:

DSR is a program that will enable you to record notes on the MP2000 without opening the lid. DSR uses the Power Switch to start and stop recording. Recording may be done with Newton on, off or by using buttons in the DSR application. For usage, view the Readme included.  Credit: DMP Systems.   32k  

DSR-120.hqx   47k  

NR404 1.0
Last Update:

NR404 produces electric drum beats and tracks.   This extensively tested package includes many sampled drum beats and tracks with a user definable tempo and volume controls. Credit: Steve Cronin and Francis Preve of newtonwidget.   57k  

nr404_sit.hqx   78k  

Sound Icon Maker
Last Update:

Sound Icon Maker helps Macintosh users make sound icons for Newton applications using System 7 and AIFF sound files.   This unregistered shareware limits sound size to 12k.  Sound Icon Maker requires MacOS 7.0 or greater. Sound Icons require Newton OS 2.0 or greater.  Credit: deep focus designs.


soundiconmaker.sit   30k  

SoundOff! 1.3
Last Update:

Link sounds to actions and events.  Get feedback from sounds (ie. finished faxing) Events include: Beaming, Faxing, and Finding,   Adjust individual volumes, Compatible with Sound Icons by deep focus designs, Includes Help book, NewtonID aware but not required.  Compatibility with eMate and Newton system volume has been added.  Developer's note: Delete old preferences before installing the new version. At this time it appears that Sound Off! is incompatible with the German MP2100 with System ROM D-2.1 (747260)-1.   Credit: deep focus designs.   27k  

soundoff.sit   28k  

Sound to Soup 1.01
Last Update:

Sound To Soup (copyright 1997 by DMP Systems) is a program that will enable you transform a NotePad recording into a soup and have that sound available for the O/S to use in any place that you can select sounds. Use it to make your own Alert sounds.  Just make a sound recording in Notepad (with a memorable name).  Then, press the 'Add' button in Sound To Soup. This will copy the sound into it's own soup and add it to the Registered Sound List. You'll see the soup in the Storage drawer named: "Soundxxxxxxxx:DMP" where xxxxxx is the name you gave it. If you did not name it, then a number will be used. You may now use that sound in any application that lets you select sounds. A well written app lets you use any sound that have been 'Registered' with the O/S. Open up Preferences and tap 'Alarm' and then 'Alarm Sound'. Sound To Soup functions for 45 days unless registered for $10 USD. Credit: DMP Systems.   20k  

stos.hqx   30k  

Speak Time
Last Update:

Speak Time(tm) (also known as Time & Temp) is a freeware program that will Speak the Time and Temperature. Speak Time runs on any Newton but will tell the real Temperature only on the OMP / 100 amd MP2K as only they have a sensor inside. All other Newtons will report 32 deg. Credit: DMP Systems.   55k  

tntemp.sit   54k  

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