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All samples are credited to: Bruce Thompson, Apple.

Controls & Other Protos
Entire Section download  50k

controls.sit.hqx  67k

Gauges - 2  7k

gauges.sit.hqx  11k

The Gauges sample shows the following techniques: how to use a protoGauge, how to change the max (or min) values of a gauge dynamically, and how to tie together this with smart use of a protoLabelInputLine.

Glancing - 2  9k

glancing.sit.hqx  11k

Demonstrates a few system protos: show how protoGlances work, has a protoLabeledBatteryGauge inside the Glance, and shows how protoPictureButtons work.

NouveauScroll - 2  11k

nvscroll.sit.hqx  19k

This sample shows how to use the new scrollers. It gives 3 examples, one that uses a vanilla scroller a 2nd uses accellerated scrolling and feedback, and a 3rd shows a scrolling read-only paragraph view in a floating slip. v2 uses the correct UI for scroller placement.

protoVertSlider - 1  11k

protvert.sit.hqx  17k

This sample includes a proto which implements a vertically oriented imitation of protoSlider, as well as a small test form which demonstrates use of the proto.

RadioCluster - 3  7k

radiobut.sit.hqx  11k

 Demonstrates radio buttoms and radio button clusters.