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Our December spotlight focused on two major new pieces of system software: the Newton Internet Enabler (NIE) 2.0 establishes TCP/IP Internet connections for use with the most popular web browsers and email packages available for the Newton; this version has significant performance improvements, and support for either a modem-based dial-up connection (e.g. from an Internet Service Provider) or a LAN-based connection (e.g. an Ethernet or localtalk network).  In addition, Newton OS 2.1 (717260) debuts this week. This system update is for MP2000 users, and fixes a significant memory problem as well as has some additional performance improvements and bug fixes.

newtFTP 1.0
Last Update:

NewtFTP is a Newton-based FTP client that supports file uploading and downloading (PUT and GET FTP commands), directory maintenance (e.g. make a new directory, rename, delete, etc.) and installation of Newton packages directly via FTP.  It requires Newton OS 2.0, and operates on MP130, MP2000, MP2100, and eMate 300 Newton devices. While it works with NIE 1.0, NIE 2.0 is also recommended.   91k  

newtftp.sit   94k  

MessagePad 2000 System Update 2.1 (717260)
Last Update:

This update is for the Newton MessagePad 2000 (it won't run on earlier MessagePads; the MP2100 already ships with this version of the Newton OS, so you don't have to install this if you have an MP2100). This system update fixes the following problems:

  • Ensures that the MP2000 can use all available memory (this should reduce memory-related errors and warnings); this fix makes installing this update important.
  • Eliminates the bogus error message that occasionally would appear that "a battery on this PC Card must be replaced"
  • In earlier system software versions, a printing problem may occur when scrolling through a Newton Book during print preview. This problem is now fixed.
  • You can drop or add fax numbers before faxing a document without getting an error message.

In addition, this system update also adds the ability to set a custom contrast "center" which you can then refer to when setting the screen contrast (details on this are in an enclosed README file).  Note that this system update is cumulative of all other system updates, so by installing this, MP2000 users will have the most current Newton OS on their device.   64k  

MP71720.sea.hqx   164k  

Newton Internet Enabler 2.0
Last Update:

NIE is networking software that allows Newton users to connect to the Internet and TCP/IP-based intranets. NIE supports either a modem-based dial-up connection (e.g. from an Internet Service Provider) or a LAN-based connection (e.g. an ethernet or LocalTalk network). NIE is to be used in conjunction with Internet applications such as a web browser, e-mail software, or other internet application software. If you're going to do anything on the Internet at all, you need this package. Note that this requires Newton OS 2.1, and having the OS 2.1 (717260) update -- or later -- is highly recommended.   959k  

NIE2-inst.hqx   1.2M