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All samples are credited to: Bruce Thompson, Apple.

Application Design
Entire Section download  194k

applicat.sit.hqx  308k

Altered States - 6  81k

altdstat.sit.hqx  129k

Ultra simple finite state machine which uses the protoFSM state machine engine.

ChezDTS - 2  27k

  chezdts.sit.hqx  41k

This sample illustrates the most memory-efficient way to create a registry, which various packages can use to provide a pointer to some package data. The registered packages may be placed on a card and will safely unregister themselves when the card is removed, without causing the "Newton Still Needs the Card" message.

DeletionScript - 2 4k

 deltscrp.sit.hqx  8k

Demonstrates how to setup and use deletionScripts for auto and form parts.

ExtensionTap - 1  29k

 extntap.sit.hqx  23k

ExtensionTap shows the correct way to give an extension a custom about slip.

protoFSM - 7  15k

  protofsm.sit.hqx  56k

Complete finite state machine engine which uses the NTK browser to organize everything in outline format, or an external text file for compatability with external FSM-generator applications.

True Grid - 5  34k

 truegrid.sit.hqx    53k

Implements three different ways to do scrolling "grid" views based on soup data, and evaluates the complexity and performance tradeoffs of each.