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All samples are credited to: Bruce Thompson, Apple.

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ArchiveTransport - 4 66k

archivtr.sit.hqx 92k

A transport example. This transport's communications code is designed to simulate real communications code using protoFSM (finite state machine) and protoBasicEndpoint. The transport actually sends and receives using a temporary soup.

MinMail - 3 32k

minmail.sit.hqx 46k

This sample shows the basics of sending & receiving with a text-only mail transport.

StatusReport - 1 21k

statrept.sit.hqx 26k

This example shows how to use protoStatusTemplate default templates, custom templates, and the use of the DoProgress(...) function. The example also shows how to structure your application so that the user can close status dialogs and still continue within the application while receiving visual feedback from actions in progress.