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PowerOff 1.1.4
Last Update:

PowerOff 1.1.4 adds a small button on the backdrop application's status bar. The button shows the percentage of power remaining in your battery pack as well as the charging status if the AC adapter is plugged in. The latest version includes some new features.  The PowerOff 1.1.4 button will now display the current temperature in degrees F. Clicking a second time will show the message "off" which will turn off the Newton if clicked. There's a 5 second delay between states of the button. For instance, if you clicked twice on the battery level display to show "off", waiting 5 seconds will return you to the default battery display. Credit: Herb Otto.   3k  

poweroff-114.pkg   5k  

WineCellar 1.0
Last Update:

Time to order the wine for dinner, but you can't remember what wine you like? Turn to WineCellar.  WineCellar will keep track of the wines you have tried or the wines you have in stock so you know exactly what wine you prefer and what wine should be left on the bottom shelf. Credit: Catamount Software.   89k  

winecellar.hqx   122k  

Countries 1.0
Last Update:

Countries is an extension to the preferences roll. After installing you can change the countries existing in the Newton OS, or add new countries.  Countries is $10 shareware.   Before registration, changes are not saved.  Credit:  Softwarebüro Müller.  22k

countries.sit  22k

Pocket Money 2.1.6
for NOS 2.x
Last Update:

Pocket Money is Catamount's award winning bookkeeping software. This versatile package offers several plug ins, compatibility with many other expense related packages and more! Improvements in PocketMoney version 2.1.6:   Fixes the -48807 bug that some users were experiencing when deleting an account that had a Custom Filter named the same as the account being deleted. Both the account and custom filter will be deleted correctly now. Some features in this financial managment software version include quick entering of transactions with PocketButton. Support for the following other Newton packages: MPG, Bills To Pay, ExpensePlus, Register, and CheckPlease. Print transactions sheets. Split transactions Import into Quicken, MS Money, MacMoney, MYM and other desktop applications with ExCHANGGE/WildCat. Foreign language support for: German, French, Italian, Japanese enabler, and Russian enabler.    Credit: Catamount Software. 156k 

pocketmoney-2x_sit.hqx 238k 

Pocket Money 2.1.6
for NOS 1.x
Last Update:

Pocket Money is Catamount's award winning bookkeeping software. This versatile package offers several plug ins, compatibility with many other expense related packages and more! Improvements in PocketMoney version 2.1.6:   Fixes the -48807 bug that some users were experiencing when deleting an account that had a Custom Filter named the same as the account being deleted. Both the account and custom filter will be deleted correctly now. PocketMoney is an personal financial manager for the Newton. You can setup savings, checking, credit card, loan and frequent flyer accounts. Import and Export to your favorite desktop application (Quicken, MYM, Excel and more...)  Credit: Catamount Software. 170k

pocketmoney_sit.hqx 254k

Sports Schedule Pro 1.23
SSP Schedule Maker 1.1
SSP Team Stats Add-Ons 1.2
Last Update:

New to the Sports Schedule Pro Family:  SSP Team Stats Add Ons 1.2 for compiling and viewing your favorite team's stats!  Sports Schedule Pro 1.23 and companion schedules help Newton users keep track of their favorite league's games. Included below are various game league schedules. The latest version of Sports Schedule Pro includes schedule filtering and tv listing features.

SSP Schedule Maker 1.1 allows users to make their own sports schedules for SSP! The SSP Schedule Maker is a potential favorite of coaches everywhere - amateur and professional.  Below, Sports Schedule Pro 1.23  (Freeware) , various game league schedules, the SSP Schedule Maker 1.1 (30 day shareware) and the latest addition, SSP Team Stats Add Ons 1.2 (shareware).  Credit: Mark A. Peters. 

Below is the basic program, Sports Schedule Pro 1.23   43k sportsschedulepro_sit.hqx   60k  

Below is an Add On, SSP Schedule Maker 1.1 -- Make your own schedules!   126k   sspschedulemaker_sit.hqx   182k
Below are the SSP Team Stats 1.2 Add Ons, for compiling/viewing team stats!  154k sspteamstatsbaseball_sit.hqx   219k   155k sspteamstatsbasketball__sit.hqx   219k   155k sspteamstatsfootball_sit.hqx   219k  155k

sspteamstatshockey_sit.hqx   219k

Below are League schedules for use with Sports Schedule Pro   24k   sportsschedulepronba_sit.hqx   32k   7k sportsschedulepronfl_sit.hqx   10k   18k  

sportsschedulepronhl_sit.hqx   24k   17k  

sportsschedulepromlbal_sit.hqx   23k   19k  

sportsschedulepromlbnl_sit.hqx   26k

Newt's Weather 0.8
Last Update:

Newt'sWeather allows Newton users to access weather information by talking to Internet weather servers via NIE. When used in conjunction with Newt's Cape, users may view graphical weather maps.  This shareware is in beta stage and is limited to viewing Philadelphia's weather only.   Registered software is not limited. The latest version includes several new fixes, and a previous update improved MacinTalk compatibility and added minor fixes.  Credit: Serg Koren.   157k  

newtsweather_sit.hqx   205k  

Options 3.1
Last Update:

After installing this little application, you can change some undocumented options - like freeze - on Newton 2.x systems.  The latest update includes more flexible battery low warnings.  A full features list includes the ability to: change the amount of the subsequently correctable words, set the number of clipboards to more than one, activate Freezing to save heap space, set Undo-Redo default instead of Undo-Undo, close Extras always after opening.    NOTE: After installing you can find Options in the extras folder "Setup" by tapping "Preferences".  Credit: Softwarebüro Müller.   8k  

optionen.sit   8k  

Formula Beta
Last Update:

Formula is a set of packages which allows Newton users to create basic equations using text or a drag-n-drop palette of symbols. The results are graphically formatted equations, that can be used in Notes, Works, or any document that allows graphic input. Formula works by taking text and parsing it to create the formulated expression. For example, the sentence "integrate(a,b) x^2 dx" is converted by Formula into the graphical expression. Although Formula still does not provide hand-written recognition of symbols, this text-entry method is quite flexible and powerful. It supports integrals, summations, superscripts (for exponents), subscripts, and various other symbols. The palette display an example of all symbols which you can drag-n-drop onto the Formula view. It is useful for rapid prototyping of equations, because it can generate the basic pattern for the equation. Formula comes with two packages - one is for use with Newton Works and the other for the native Notes application.  Both feature a formula view, equations saved in Notes automatically, formulas resizing, formulas copying to the clipboard and the ability to paste the Formula anywhere.NOS 2.1 users can include formatted equations in documents for printing, faxing, email, and even beaming. Equations will even correctly export as images through NCU to desktop word-processors. Forumla is still in beta, and developers should contact Sine of the Times before including Forumla in a commercial release. Credit: Sine of the Times.   70k  

formula.hqx   118k  

SoundOff! 1.3
Last Update:

Link sounds to actions and events.  Get feedback from sounds (ie. finished faxing) Events include: Beaming, Faxing, and Finding,   Adjust individual volumes, Compatible with Sound Icons by deep focus designs, Includes Help book, NewtonID aware but not required.  Compatibility with eMate and Newton system volume has been added.  Developer's note: Delete old preferences before installing the new version. At this time it appears that Sound Off! is incompatible with the German MP2100 with System ROM D-2.1 (747260)-1.   Credit: deep focus designs.   27k  

soundoff.sit   28k  

SBM Utilities 1.2.1
Last Update:

The SBM Utilities for Newton is a collection of tools primarily for developers, but some - like Backup and Restore - are useful for everyone. This product has been significantly enhanced after a thirteen part beta program. Checking out the documentation before use is highly recommended.   Also available below: Icon Editor beta for use with SBM Utilities.  Credit: Softwarebüro Müller.   159k  

utils.sit   158k   159k  

docs.sit   159k   15k  

iconedit.sit   15k  

Calc ++ 4.8
Last Update:

Calc++ and MiniCalc++ Version 4.8 - Two fast scientific calculators for Newton platform devices. (Functionality includes 2.0 compatibility and enhanced compatibility with German Newtons.) The most recent version added a date calculator, "Date++". 18 scientific constants. Includes speed of light, Plancks, Boltzmann, etc. Tape - Recording tape available for copying old equations and results to the clipboard. (Tape will not be available in Minicalc++.) Round (RND) Round numbers to the nearest whole number and more! The developer, Dr. Gerard Hammond, has decided not to continue development given the discontinuation of the NOS, but has released a universal registration number as an Easter gift to the Newton Community.  To register Calc ++ 4.8, enter 95555.   118k  

calc-4.8.sit   121k  

Visual Phone
Last Update:

Visual Phone (aka Video Phone)  is a shared whiteboard application for Newton devices. Using either a modem or an infrared (beaming) link, two Newtons can share one virtual whiteboard to conduct discussions, etc. Very handy during meetings or for illustrating a point to a user in a remote location. Shareware version requires registration after one use.  Credit: Paragon Newton Division   16k   

visualphone.sit   16k   

Deep Green
Last Update:

Deep Green is considered the best chess-playing program for the Newton platform, will an 80 opening-move dictionary, selectable difficulty levels, and the ability to play itself as well as a human. Feature-complete beta version (expires 7/1/98). Freeware.   140k  

deepgreen.sit   156k