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Address Access 2.11
Last Update:

Address Access 2.11 is an easier alternative to access your Names - it's faster and offers a wide range of organizational tools, as well as built in compatibility with other organizers like StandAlone's personURL as well as DateMan and MoreInfo.  Credit: Thorsten Lange.   126k  

addracce.hqx   175k  

Area Code Change 2.0
Last Update:

Area Code Change allows Newton users to easily update their Names data with new codes, in one step. Area Code Change includes major interface and functionality improvements. Users can now search and replace area codes! Credit: Adam Tow, Foundation Systems.   19k  

areacodechange-2_0_sit.hqx   28k  

Last Update:

Assist Todos 1.0 - Using the Assist feature of the Newton is a great time saver except when Assist takes longer to figure out what to do with the phrase than it would take for you to enter it yourself. Assist Todos makes using Assist with todo fun again. No more waiting for Assist to process a phrase, to tell you it can't interpret the phrase, or that the phrase is too long. Features faster way to enter todos with Assist Unlimited length of phrase can be used with Assist. Todos are saved right to your To Do List so you don't have to go thru the process of opening Dates and create a new To Do slip. IGOR aware. Price $10.00   20k  

assist-todos-1.0.sit   18k  

Last Update:

Backdrop Plus 1.2 - is an alternative to the NotePad as the backdrop, or background, application for the Newton. With the NotePad closed, you save as much as 10k in heap (similar to RAM on a desktop machine.) This means that you can have more extensions and applications loaded at once, and you will get fewer memory-related problems and restarts. Each loaded application or extension takes up a small amount of heap. Since the NotePad is not used all the time, closing it when not used means there's more heap available the rest of the time. You should usually try to keep your heap above 35-40k after a restart (it will drop lower as you use your Newton. This is normal.). 77k

backdrop-1.2.sit 77k

Big Notes 2.0
Last Update:

Big Notes raises the built in limit on NotePad notes to 32k, provided the heap space is available. Freeware. Credit: Stand Alone Software. 9k

bignote2.hqx 10k

Last Update:

Brevity Rotate -, Primordial Software. Requires Newton 2.0. Brevity Rotate is an extension that puts a rotate button in the status bar of the Notepad. 4k

brevity-rotate.sit 4k

Card Creator 1.0
Last Update:

Card Creator allows you to create your own card types for the Names File of your Newton. You can use different fonts, sizes, and drawing tools. 30 day shareware. Credit: Stand Alone Software. 77k

cardcreate.hqx 102k

Corrector+ 2.6
Last Update:

Corrector+ improves the accuracy of handwriting recognition. We can't always write according to the preferences of Newton's printed recognizer (i.e separating characters). We can't help but connect two or more characters every now and then ... it's habit for most of us after all! Unfortunately, Newton doesn't take well to these connected characters. So, if you want to see how Corrector+ can increase HWR accuracy on your Newton, try this free 45-day demo version of Corrector+. Credit: Adam Tow, Foundation Systems.   143k  

corrector-2_6_sit.hqx   198k  

Last Update:

EndBack 1.0 - End n' Back is a small Newton utility that installs itself in the NotePad application. Its purpose is provide a fast way to go to the last note in the Notepad's paper roll. It also provides a way to go back to the note you were at prior to going to the end. After installing the app, Two new buttons will appear in the button bar of the Notepad application. Pressing the "End" button (down arrow) positions you at the end of the paper roll. Pressing the "Back" button (curving up arrow) positions you at the note you were at prior to pressing the "End" button. That's it.   5k  

endback-1.0b7.sit   4k  

Font Pack
Last Update:

Font Pack includes Stand Alone's Font Pack Volume I (v1.2) and Volume II with Styles Pack (v1.0). Add new fonts, styles, and sizes to your Newton. Font Pack Volume I includes Avante, Bookman, Boston, Courier, Funky, Garamond, Helvetica, Jagged, Machine, RoundAbout, Schoolbook, and Typewriter. Volume II includes BookMan, Chancery, Dingbats, Helvetica Narrow, Palatino, and Symbol. Styles (included in Volume II) lets you choose a size between 6 and 72 point and also adds new styles, including Outline, Superscript, Subscript, and Italic. 30 day shareware. Credit: Stand Alone Software.   253k  

fontpack.hqx   267k  

FormIt 2.1
Last Update:

CHeSsy's FormIt is a system for designing, personal Stationery on your Macintosh desktop for use with Newton Notes and NewtonWorks built-in Newton applications. The re-release signals CHS System's farewell to Newton development, but FormIt will be supported until the end of 1998. This new 30 day demo release offers a ten Newton license for FormIt for the final clearance price of $19.95, a significant price reduction. For FormIt support or registration information email FormIt works with all Newtons based on the Newton Operating System 2.0 and above. This includes the following Newton hardware: MP120 w/NOS 2.0, MP130, MP2000, MP2100 and the eMate300. Credit: CHS Systems.


formit-f121all.sit.hqx   1.3M  

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