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All samples are credited to: Bruce Thompson, Apple.

Drawing & Graphics
Entire Section download  159k

drawinga.sit.hqx  159k

Bitmap - 2  12k

bitmap.sit.hqx  18k

Shows the basics of manipulating bitmap objects & transform on the Newton.

Dot2Dot - 3  24k

dot2dot.sit.hqx  29k

Demonstrates the following: mapping global coordinates to local ones, tracking pen clicks and convert them to an array suitable for a polygon, view system handling, dynamically changing a clPictureView's icon slot

Drawing - 4  10k

drawing.sit.hqx  15k

Demonstrates functions in drawing chapter, shows how to make shapes and display them, as well as how to offset the shapes.

Photo Album - 1  90k

photoalb.sit.hqx  88k

Shows how to use gray pictures in Newton 2.1.

Up In Smoke - 33&2/3  14k

upinsmok.sit.hqx  15k

Shows how to achieve the ever popular smoke/poof/scrub effect. Also illustrates scaling with CopyBits, using modeMask with CopyBits, and using BuildContext to force an update of an area of the screen.