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Secret 2.11
Last Update:

Secret offers fast and true DES encryption for Newton Notes. As long as you never forget your encryption password, you'll love this app.   After installing you will find a little "lock" button in your Notes options bar. In addition the action picker will be extended by 'Protect' and 'Unprotect'. These are present only if the selected note is unlocked.  The lock in the button line shows the state of the notes application. If it is locked, the notes marked with 'Protect' are not available. To open the Note, simply tap on the lock button and enter your password. This is a 30 day demo. The latest version fixed an empty strings as passwords problem.   Secret may also perform OwnerInfo encryption. Credit: Softwarebüro Müller.   30k

secret.sit   30k

OSFix 1.0 & BattMon 1.0
Last Update:

OSFix 1.0 is for NOS 2.0 (MP120/130) helps Newton users who've experienced the problem of their MPs shutting off immediately after being switched on. BattMon 1.0 (OS graphic above not withstanding) is for Newton users with battery packs who'd like to keep better tabs on battery status.  Credit: Config eG.   2k  

OSFix.pkg   1k   7k BattMon.pkg   16k  

NR404 1.0
Last Update:

NR404 produces electric drum beats and tracks.   This extensively tested package includes many sampled drum beats and tracks with a user definable tempo and volume controls. Credit: Steve Cronin and Francis Preve of newtonwidget.   57k  

nr404_sit.hqx   78k  

Clarity 1.01
Last Update:

This package helps teachers maintain useful records while moving about the classroom, in the field, or wherever the teacher might choose to work. With Clarity, users may more easily keep attendance records, do lesson planning, and assess student performance. Teachers will find the Parent Report generator one of the most significant functions of Clarity. In just one step, a teacher may make available a student's entire history including attendance, grades and individual observation.  The latest version includes enhanced features, listed in the readme.   Credit: New World Software. 205k

Clarity_1_01_sit.hqx 304k

GPS Map Lite 2.0
Last Update:

GPS Map Lite 2.0 is a freeware GPS satellite based moving map navigation system with a lot of helpful functions such as a simple route, and a database. The system supports both scanned and vector type maps with any scale. This is a final version, which includes the developer's built in -10061 is fully functional.  Credit: Gerd Staudenmaier.  329k (Main Package)  

gmlt20.sit   332k (Main Package)  159k (Demo Maps)     

demomaps.sit   163k(Demo Maps)  1.5M(Selected USA City Maps)  

usa.sit   1.5M (Selected USA City Maps)  511k(Map Preparation Software Win/NT)  

mpsmac.sit   506k(Map Preparation Software Mac)  

Morse Pad 1.3
Last Update:

Morse Pad is a simple "Text to Morse Code" program. It allows for manually input text to be sent in Morse Code at various speeds and frequencies. If you're downloading the Mac (pkg) version, we recommend you also download the ReadMe file.  Freeware. The latest version now includes Morse to Text and an updated command structure with easy to use buttons! Credit: Len Kawamoto.   17k  

morsepad.pkg  14k  

DCI Scores 1.3
Last Update:

Newton users who know what it's like to lug around a 50 pound drum for hours of competition marching and music may get a kick out of Ken Kawamoto's release of the DCI Scores from the DCI World Championships 1972 - 1998. These listings of the Top 12 winners are a neat historical reference for marching band fans, and a great way to tease the opposing band if you're part of one of the winning teams. If you're downloading the package, you may also want to get the readme. Freeware. Credit: Len Kawamoto. 39k 

DCIScores.pkg 136k 

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