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Schlumber's "Watson" Added to Specs Be sure to check out the Specifications page to find out details on the Schlumberger "Watson" Newton.


Returning After a Hiatus!!! After a long hiatus, I am slowly getting back into my Newtons! A lot has gone on since I have last updated. Currently I am trying to clean up loose ends with the site and work on getting a MP 2X00 up on the web. Once I have that project in montion, I will probably update the notes regularly so that others might learn from my experiences. Its good to be back!


New User Forum and Buy/Sell Pages!!! I have taken the opportunity to update the User Forum page as well as create a new automated Buy/Sell page. This new Buy/Sell page allows the users to post thier ads instead of me having to input them in manually. What a time saver! Be sure to check them out!

My Newties!!! I have been asked from time to time about what Newtons I own, so I figured I would show you. The following are in the picture: a MP110, MP120, MP120 w/ upgraded ROM, eMate 300, Motorola Marco, 2mb Newton flash card, 4mb Newton flash card, 4mb Premax flash card, Newton XJACK modem card, and a box of eMate replacement pens. My collection is always changing, but these are my favorite Newts. Now if I could afford to get some of those rare Digital Ocean clones... One Day!


Update!!! Happy New Year!!! I decided to do some new year cleaning. I cleaned up some dead links and posted some new buy/sell ads. KEEP IN MIND... my updates will not be done often unitl I decide if I want to put this site on its own domain. As I stated on 8/17/02, I am looking for a new home for the site. Regardless of my update schedule, there is loads of information on the site, so ENJOY!!!


Attention!!! Currently we are in the progress of trying to find a new home. Geocities has taken away FTP access to the free site owners. Granted, one can use their File Manager, but it is not what I wish to use to update my website. For the time being, updates are temporarily postponed. They will resume once a suitable host for the site has been found. Thank you for your understanding.


FAQ's Updated: May's "FAQ for the Newton Community" has been posted. You can check them out in the Q & A section.

Got Questions? If you have any Newton related questions, check out the FAQ in the Q & A section, or you can ask fellow Newton users in the User Forum. Either way, you're bound to find an answer.


This Month's "FAQ": Just a little F.Y.I; this month's version of the "FAQ for the Newton Community" will be posted within the next day or so.


New Buy/Sell Listing: Check out the buy/sell section, there is a new listing for a MP 2000 with a lot of goodies like a keyboard, modem, and more!!!


Back from Vacation: I had a wonderful and much needed vacation in South Florida this past week, but no worries... the updates resume this week!


New Wanted Listing Posted: Check out the Buy/Sell page to see the new wanted listing. Don't forget to take a look at the listings for the MP 2100's for sale!

Website Changes, Part 2... It looks like I will be buying my own domain to host this site at in the near future. Don't worry, though, I will give all of you plenty of notice when I do. Until then, I will have to settle for Geocities.


Website Changes (aka Geocities STINKS!!!)... Thanks to Geocities restricting its free members from having FTP access to their site(s), I am in the midst of getting my website ready for a change of location. I think that this is a greedy and inconsiderate move for them and they are more than likely going to lose a lot of patrons due to this, including myself. I will keep you posted with any updated news.


More Newts for Sale... Check out the Buy/Sell section of the site to see what is for sale. We have just added Upgraded MP 2000's to the MP 2100's that were already listed for sale. You should act quick before they are all gone. Please indicate when you contact the seller that you saw this offer her at Newton Resurrection!


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