Check out our link in the Maclinks section of Woz's site!!!

  • Foreign Newton Resurrection Sitings!!!
    • Apple Collection.(* A French Site)...This is a French site that we were surprised to find our link on! Click on Les Liens to check it out. Cool, we have gone international.

  • Apple/Mac Related
    • Apple... Need I say more?
    • Resexcellence... I have come to notice that most people with Newtons also love to give their Mac's a facelift with ResEdit. This is the best site to find out how you can do it, too.
  • Newton Related
    • UNNA... The United Network of Newton Archives keeps the largest single repository of Newton-related programs, files, and documentaion anywhere. The entire archive is mirrored on five servers across the planet for redundancy and to provide fast access for people around the world.
    • Kallisys... Paul Guyot continues to develop drivers and packages for the Newton and you can download them from his site. His current project is ATA support.
    • NewtonTalk... To Quote from the NewtonTalk List FAQ-" NewtonTalk is a mailing list run by the Newton community, dedicated to discussion of the Newton line of handheld computers and related products. (We do go off-topic occasionally, though)."
    • Oliver's List of Newton Easter Eggs... fun things that programmers sneak into your Newton.
    • This Old Newt... This is another must see if you have any Questions about Newtons!! A+ site!!!
  • Resellers
    • PDA Connection... This gentleman used to have all the hard to get items for your Newton, but sadly his stock has started to dwindle. It is worth a look because he occassionally might get in what you are looking for and it is interesting to see all the different things there are for the Newton.
    • Smalldog... If you need eMate styluses, they have hundreds of boxes in stock. Each box has 24 styli and they only cost a few bucks per box!!!
  • Misc.
    • The Apple Collection... Very cool site. Be sure to look at their "Prototype" section. Some of the stuff will knock your socks off.




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