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Is iWalk Apple's Next P.D.A. Attempt? This little number is rumored to be the next attempt at a P.D.A for Apple. It was originally rumored to be publicly announced on 10/23/01 , but if everyone remembers correctly, that was the announcement date for the iPod. I have compiled a short list of specs below, but, if you would like to read up on this possible spawn of the Newton, stop by the Spymac website and read the archives from mid October '01 on.

  • 384 by 288 Samsung high-color TFT screen
  • 16 megs ROM
  • 128 meg and 256 meg RAM
  • OS based on extremely scaled down X
  • 56k internal modem
  • One Firewire port
  • Airport is questionable due to high energy consumption

Apple Sold Different Color eMates?!... Does this sound too good to be true, well it is. These eMates are nothing more than empty shell prototypes. These were the different colors Apple was considering before they decided on that sexy dark green. Funny... I wonder if the whole multi-color iMac thing started with the colors they were playing around with here and maybe the iBook's clamshell design originated with the eMate. Naah...couldn't be...:)

Is Apple Selling Newton?There have been many rumors on the web that Apple is going to start back the Newton program again. Unfortunately these have not been confirmed by Apple. What Apple has confirmed is that there has been several companies recently that have been looking into buying the Newton rights. There is nothing further on this, but if it does happen, the Newton community will definitely be rejoicing!!!

Secret Newton Designs: Apple hasn't announced any new P.D.A. designs, but faithful Newton lovers have come up with some very interesting and more modernized designs for these wonderful P.D.A.'s. If you would like to check out some of these bizarre designs and many others, you might want to check out the prototypes at The Apple Collection website. Click the animated button below!!!

*This is a schematic for the Newton 2 by UNLEADED found at The Apple Collection. You can see more at their site!*

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