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Sudbury, MA - SilverWARE is proud to announce today TravelTracker, a powerful tool for tracking plane flights, hotel reservations and car rental reservations. TravelTracker contains features for any traveler wishing to keep all of their vital information at their fingertips. TravelTracker contains an extensive database of airports which is used when filling out TravelTracker's flight slip. This database is also used to keep the Palm's internal clock in sync with the local time of the cities being travelled. TravelTracker also allows you to keep a record of frequent flyer mileage travelled and will even compute what should be awarded based on the distance between the two cities.

Amongst its most powerful features are
* Quickly and easily records plane flights, hotel reservations and rental car reservations.
* See at-a-glance all of the upcoming entries.
* Option to keep an equivalent itinerary in the Palm's built-in Date Book.
* Quickly create return flights or connecting flights.
* Alarm to upcoming flights and allow you to snooze flight alarms once they have been sounded.
* Keep the Palm's clock in sync with the current local time.
* Keeps track of your current location (this will be used to a greater extent in future versions).
* Precisely calculate miles traveled and compare them with what is awarded by airlines.
* Report on miles traveled on an airline for a specific time frame to allow reconciling of frequent flyer statements.
* Attach notes to any one of the airports in its database so as to keep handy information about an airport (i.e. favorite restaurant, bar)
* Enter data easily and quickly, also allows users to write in the flight times rather than the conventional way (also allows users to enter date AND time in one convenient screen).
* Automatically stores your most frequently used airports for quick selection.
* Access hotels and rental car agencies stored in your Address List or add new ones to your Address List on-the-fly.

TravelTracker is scheduled to be released October 1st and sell for $24.95. The product will be released in the form of a demo. Users can first try the product for a period of 30 days. Anytime during or after those 30 days, users can simply contact SilverWARE to unlock their copy of the software. The software will initially only be available directly through SilverWARE.

Users wishing to try out a pre-release version before the official release date can contact SilverWARE at travel@silverware.com and request a pre-release copy. Users should specify if they would like to receive the software compressed using it StuffIt or Zip.

Please visit our website at www.silverware.com for more information and screen shots of this exciting application.

SilverWARE is the same company that brought the Newton community MoreInfo, its award winning contact management program. MoreInfo won several awards in addition to winning the mobilis' Reader's Choice Award for Best Newton software two years in a row. SilverWARE is also the author of FlightRecorder, its flight tracking program for the Newton.


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Sudbury, MA 01776
978-579-9699 (fax)


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