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TravelTracker changes in 3.6 (recommended upgrade for all users)

  • Added DateBk5 support of icons.
  • Fixed bug when duplicating a Trip, the dates for Drive entries where incorrect.
  • Corrected problem where Expense Report was not exporting.
  • Added strike-through for cancelled flights.
  • Fixed display of frequent flight popup to include the word "Train#".
  • Fixed bug when creating a new Drive, now defaults properly to date of the start of the trip.
  • Fixed bug with time zone not being set properly in some instances causing a large number to be set.
  • Updated new fax # for company.
  • Fixed problem in OS 5 which caused certain fields not to get uppercased.
  • Fixed various other incompatibilities for forthcoming revisions of the OS.
  • Fixed bug which was causing duplicate ID numbers when syncing with desktop version.
  • Various other bugs.

TravelTracker changes in 3.5

  • Brand new "Drive" entry form.
  • New Expense reporting and tracking.
  • New currency editor.
  • New option to add untimed event for a trip in Datebook.
  • Added delay status for flights.
  • Added "Add Events" to Datebook Prefs.
  • New Locale support (4.01 OS support).
  • Fixed lookup feature so it only matches initial characters.
  • No longer include cancelled flights in mileage reports.
  • Numerous improvements to user interface design.
  • Fixed minor bugs found and reproted from 3.22 release.
  • Changed icon for hotel, added new icon for trip

TravelTracker changes in 3.2

  • Now shows the number of trips in parenthesis in the category pop-up
  • Fixes crash problem during the very end (clean-up stage) of the HotSync
  • Removed View All button and moved it to the Record menu.
  • Fixed a bug in the Airport Times screen which caused duplicate airports to be displayed
  • Fixed a problem when refreshing the Change Airport screen.

TravelTracker changes in 3.2

  • Color Support
  • New "Airport Times" screen
  • New Flight status menu with accompanying icons.
  • Totally new Airport entry screen
  • Support for individual Daylight Savings Time setting for airports
  • New TravelSetup app with additional utility functions
  • Redesigned menus
  • Slight changes in Mileage Report
  • New icon for overnight flights.
  • Several bug fixes and minor tweeks of the user interface.

TravelTracker changes in 3.13

  • Fixes a bug when saving new airports introduced in 3.12.

TravelTracker changes in 3.12

  • Fixes a bug when creating new airports under OS 3.5.

TravelTracker changes in 3.11

  • Fixes bug when creating new airport under OS 3.3 or below.
  • Fixes alarm crash when TravelTracker is not active.

TravelTracker changes in 3.1

  • Fixed bugs to pass 1,000,000 cycle stress test.
  • Fixed bug in DateBk3/4 preference screen.
  • Added preference to specify where additional information is added in datebook entries (See DateBook Prefs).
  • Added change to support revised format for Time Zone sharing with DateBk4.
  • Minor user interface changes to TravelSetup app.

TravelTracker changes in 3.01(from 3.0)

  • Support for Israeli Daylight Savings Time
  • Support for Romanian Daylight Savings Time
  • Fixed bug in saving meetings correctly with correct end times.
  • Fixed bug when using DateBk4 icons if other notes in the MemoPad where marked private (TT thought icons did not exist)
  • Fixed bug in not showing all currencies in currency pop-up. Remember, TT uses the currencies set up in Expense App
  • Fixed setting arrival time for flights when using DateBk4 time zones.

TravelTracker changes in 3.0(from 2.63)

  • Addition of a new meeting/appointment form
  • Ability to update system clock at the beginning of the trip.
  • System clock update improved for reliability.
  • Additional display preferences in itinerary screen.
  • Ability to greater specify how hotels and car rentals are added to datebook.
  • Duplicate trip function (with the ability to set start date of newly created trip).
  • New DateBk4 Prefs screen (much better support for DateBk3/4 icons)
  • new support for DateBk3/4 time zones
  • Keeping time zone in sync with DateBk4 (forthcoming version of DateBk4)
  • Categories trips are categories when entries added to DateBk3/4.
  • Entries in trips marked private are added to datebook as private.
  • App will return to last trip viewed. (last entry is already supported).
  • The addition of a "Mine" attribute for a trip indicating if the trip is yours and alarms should be triggered.
  • Improved user interface in several areas of the application.

TravelTracker changes in 2.63(from 2.62)

  • Fixes bug in currency popup under OS 3.5
  • Fixed crashing bug under OS 3.5
  • Added export to MultiMailPro if installed
  • When used in conjunction with TravelTrackerPC, will add entries to Datebook after HotSync.

TravelTracker changes in 2.62(from 2.61)

  • Fixed bug which would cause app to crash when launched under OS 3.5
  • Fixed a bug in the calendar which would not display correctly if pref for first day of week was set to Monday
  • Removed category popup in FlightInfo screen, should not have been there
  • Fixed bug of not updating system clock
  • Fixed beam problem if receiver did not have TravelTracker launched
  • Made some changes to get ready for TravelTrackerPC product
  • Fixed hilighting problem in calendar/time screen
  • Fixed scroll bug so that the itinerary screen scrolls to the current day's entries.

TravelTracker changes in 2.61(from 2.6)

  • better display of frequent flights popup (displayed when you tap the flight # in the flight slip)
  • fixed a bug with the hotel/car entries.

TravelTracker changes in 2.6(from 2.53)

  • Added beaming of trips. Receiving Palm device requires TravelTracker to be installed.
  • Brought back the old order in which items where displayed in the product. (in the order in which they are most likely to occur, i.e. flight, rental car pick-up, hotel reservation)
  • Changed the display of the frequent flights pop-up (the pop-up displayed when the Flight # is tapped from within the Flight slip). Now includes the cities and departure time rather than the flight number.
  • Upgraded internal file format to guarantee that links between the trips and their associated items will be preserved under all conditions. Windows users must upgrade to a new version of the conduit.
  • Added preference to show Seat Number in Itinerary Prefs.
  • Changed category selection throughout product from a "popup trigger" to a "selector trigger." (See Trip Details screen).
  • Changed/Added some menu shortcuts.
  • Added some menu items for convenience.
  • Added ability to "re-file" entries into different trips even when viewed from the "View All" screen.

TravelTracker changes in 2.53(from 2.52)

  • Now allow setting segment count when adding a mileage award (now you can set the starting segment count).
  • Improved the setting of initial dates when creating new entries to better match what is likely desired.
  • Added scroll arrows in preference screen to allow moving to other pref screens.
  • Rewrote some of the program that handles the alarms.
  • Added the menu option to edit airlines and airports when viewing a trip.
  • Improved performance in some screens.
  • Fixed several bugs.

TravelTracker changes in 2.52(from 2.51)

  • Added "View All" feature. Fixed several minor bugs.

TravelTracker changes in 2.51 (from 2.5)

  • Only one change, the name of the trip created when upgrading is named "Your existing data" for clarity.

TravelTracker changes in 2.5 (from 2.2)

  • Organize your information by "trips."
  • Listing of entries in the itinerary screen has improved. Now hotels and care rentals are listed at the top of the day it falls on followed by all of the other entries.
  • Improves DST support.
  • Ability to export mileage reports to a memo or an e-mail.
  • You now are able to export an itinerary for a given "trip."
  • The purge function now allows you to delete items by "trip."


TravelTracker changes in 2.2 (from 2.02)

TravelTracker 2.2 greatly enhances the tracking of miles for airlines and points for hotels and car rentals. You will see a new option in the Edit Airlines screen that allows you to specify a bonus percentage. This is the percentage of mileage awarded because of your frequent flyer status. In addition, you are able to assign points to hotel stays and car rentals. Within the Mileage Detail Report, you are able to add and subtract miles. This can also be used to enter a starting mileage.


TravelTracker changes in 2.1 (from 2.02)

  • Now comes with Windows synchronization conduit.
  • Fixed Perth which is a special case to the DST rules.
  • Fixed bug in time zones for new airports where time zone is a non integral hourly difference.
  • Fixed display bug when selecting an airport caused the flight slip to be drawn improperly.
  • Reduced the size of the app greatly.
  • Added preferences to include phone, addr and conf. # in Date Book entries.
  • Improved exporting function.
  • Fixed bug which displayed unlock option when tap title bar even when already unlocked.
  • Added Train option without hardly adding to size of app.
  • Created a new version of the app that did not have mileage computing which further reduced size of app.
  • Added "All Airline" option for mileage reports.
  • Added export Itinerary as e-mail.
  • Added setting for number of saved frequently used airports, 1 or 2 screenfuls.
  • Now report segment count in detail report.
  • Added copy/paste functionality (menu) to the screens that did not previously support it.


TravelTracker changes in 2.02 (from 2.01)

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the airport selection screen to crash if an airport was added then deleted.
  • Sorry, fixed bug that alerted registered users that the demo was going to expire soon.
  • For flights arriving before they depart (due to time zone change), the date book will contain
  • A meeting with no duration at the arrival time and a "no time" meeting stating the departure time.
  • Reduced the size of the application by doing some tidying up.
  • Fixed some strange display bug that caused some of the pref screens to not display completely.
  • App remembers setting of "US Only" checkbox when going straight to Edit Airports screen.
  • Fixed bug in creating new airports which caused it to sometimes report the wrong flight durations.

New in 2.0

The Absolutely Easiest Way to Enter a Flight !!! TravelTracker will remember your flights and allow you to select from a pop-up list to enter all of the information associated with that flight. So if you take AA 128 often, just select AA 128 from the pop-up list.

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