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PalmOS News

Beta #3 will be released prior to the 4.2 beta #2 expiring. Check back soon for its availability

November 2007 - TravelTracker 4.2 BETA #2 Now Available

TravelTracker 4 Now Available

Click Here to Download TravelTracker 4.1

TravelTracker is part of a winning combination!
Palm user Peter Arts wins the
"How Has Palm OS Improved Your Life?" Contest.

Click Here to Read His WINNING Story

TravelTracker, A Must!
Click here to read a review on Epinions.com

TravelTracker is awarded 5 out of 5 stars by ZDNet


LinkPak is a set of four applications that replace the main built-in applications. It includes AddressLink, DateLink, MemoLink & ToDoLink. These applications allow you to create links among these four applications. Best of all, they read and save their information to the built-in databases. Just install these four applications and you will be ready to begin creating links.  

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