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You did it. Thank you!!!!

After much help from users paying their shareware fees I'm able to afford a house. Here are some pictures taken of the house on April 6, 1996 and some newer pictures. I closed on the house on May 1, 1996. So, I am a home owner for the very first time.

Special thanks go to Kagi Software and to Boyce Appel.

Here's my house.
It was the train depot for Grand Isle, Vermont. The last owner moved the depot five miles to the present location, gutted and finished it. History of the Rutland Railroad and Grand Isle Depot.

The train depot was originally built in 1899. Below is an old picture someone in town sent to me showing the original location of the depot.

A lovely picture taken by Kristine. Titled: "Winter Reflections"

Winter Reflections

The front yard looks out to a little pond.

Here is the north-easterly view.

Here is the easterly view during a sunrise. Titled: "Autumn Mist"

Autumn Mist

Here is the easterly view after a fresh snowfall. Titled: "Winter Wonderland"

Winter Wonderland

(B&W) The upstairs loft.

(B&W) Looking into the dining and living rooms.

(B&W) One of the posts in the living room.

Looking thru the old ticket window to the front door.

(last modified : October 13, 2003)