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Newt'sTime 1.2 Registered Version
(Freeware Re-Release)
Last Update:

Newt'sTime 1.2 is a time-synchronization application for the MessagePad. Newt'sTime allows a MessagePad running NOS 2.x to synchronize its internal clock with a standard time reference via a simple phone call. NIE is not required, but a modem is needed.  This registered version was re-released as freeware as Visual Newt's way of thanking the Newton community for their support.   Both downloads below are password protected.  The password is: Resist.   (Case sensitive)  Credit: Serg Koren, VisualNewt.   70k  

timer_sit.hqx   76k  

Voice Alarm 1.0 Registered Version
(Freeware Re-Release)
Last Update:

VoiceAlarm 1.0 is a utility for creating your own alert sounds for the Newton. VoiceAlarm 1.0 is tightly integrated into the MessagePad and allows you to record (using the built-in microphone) and use sounds as system alerts. Recorded sounds can be stored and optionally enabled for use by the Newton alert system. This registered version was re-released as freeware as Visual Newt's way of thanking the Newton community for their support.  Both downloads below are password protected.   The password is: Edition.  (Case sensitive)  Credit: Serg Koren, VisualNewt.   46k  

vrega_sit.hqx   58k  

Ghost Hunter 2.1
Last Update:

Ghost Hunter is an arcade shoot 'em up -- blast descending spectral invaders from your tank!   Stand Alone's latest arcade offering is rich in both graphics AND sound. Credit: Stand Alone Software.   196k  

ghunter.hqx   197k  

AlarmClock 1.4
AlarmClock 2.7
Last Update:

AlarmClock 2.7 (NOS 2.x) and 1.4 (NOS 1.x) - AlarmClock is the ultimate alarm clock for the Newton! AlarmClock is for all those who have forgotten in the past to bring their travel clocks on business or vacation, have had bad experiences with absent-minded hotels, or are unhappy with the current clock implementation. AlarmClock is loud and configurable, exactly what one needs in a travel clock!  Credit: Foundation Systems.  FREEWARE! for NOS 1.x   21k  

alarmclock-1_4_sit.hqx for NOS 1.x   30k for NOS 2.x   17k  

alarmclock-2_7_sit.hqx for NOS 2.x   25k  

ProofRead 1.1
Last Update:

ProofRead is a text correction utility for the Newton. ProofRead will work in Notes or any view which accepts text input. ProofRead is extensible, meaning one can choose which parts to install. ProofRead 1.0 comes pre-installed with a text search and replace function. Credit: Foundation Systems.   FREEWARE! 9k

proofread-1_1_sit.hqx 13k

Styles+ 2.4
Last Update:

Introducing Styles+, the only real replacement for Apple's built-in style palette. You will never be limited by just the Bold and Underline styles, nor 9-18 point font sizes! With Styles+, you gain complete styles access for all of your Newton applications! Credit: Foundation Systems. FREEWARE!  11k 

styles-2_4_sit.hqx  17k 

xWord Buddy 2.1
Last Update:

xWord Buddy is a multi-featured crossword player for Newton MP 120, 130, 2x00 and eMate 300. xWord Buddy reads crosswords saved in the Across Puzzle .puz format at the LitSoft Crossword Gallery or the New York Times crossword section. The latest release fixes a sound problem with MessagePad 120's and 130's. A few crossword puzzles are included to start you off.  Credit: Tactile Systems.  210k   

xWrd2Mac.sit  261k   

Twerx 1.0b3a
Last Update:

Twerx is a NotePad to NewtWorks document importer for the Newton MessagePad 2x00 and eMate. Newton users will find Twerx a snap -- just select Twerx from the routing menu of the NotePad, In/Out box or any text export enabled application, and bring the data right into NewtWorks. For usage and installation notes, see the included README.  This version fixes an expire problem reported with Twerx 1.0b3.  Credit: Innovative Computer Solutions.   47k  

twerx1b3a.sit   48k  

Wake Up Call 1.0
Last Update:

Wake Up Call is perfect for anyone who users their Newton as an alarmclock, and offers more options and features than the included alarm clock. Features include the ability to create custom "wake up call" audio recordings to use for the alarm, a "foolproof" interface, flexible configuration options, and special options designed for heavy sleepers.Wake Up Call offers so many options, it comes with a PDF format users guide explaining each. The software takes full advantage of the audio capabilities of Newton OS 2.1, which it requires. Credit: Five Speed Software.   896k  

wakeupcall1_0.sit   771k  

MoreInfo 5.03 Demo
Last Update:

MoreInfo is a powerful application which seamlessly extends the Newton's built-in applications making the Newton a true contact manager. MoreInfo adds these features in such a way that when using it, you will not know where the built-in features end and MoreInfo begins. MoreInfo has been designed to anticipate your every move and provide you with the vital information you need to manage your numerous contacts and busy schedule. This product also takes advantage of Macintalk! Macintalk is NOT available from the developers of More Info.  See Readme for program details.  Credit: SilverWare. 389k

MI503d_sit.hqx 542k

Expense Plus 2.1 Demo
Last Update:

ExpensePlus 2.1 is a powerful Newton software package that lets you capture business expense transactions on your PDA while traveling on behalf of your company or employer. To get reimbursed for your business expenses, you need to create an expense report -- often in a custom form provided to you by your employer. ExpensePlus will link up to virtually any expense report form in any custom format created in Claris' FileMaker Pro, Informed Manager, or Microsoft Excel for Macintosh or Windows. The latest version is faster and includes many more options than previous versions.   For the full documentation, visit WalletWare's website.   Credit: WalletWare.

Expense Plus for NOS 1.x 186k 


Expense Plus for NOS 2.x 182k 

Expense Plus for NOS 2.x 185k 

Avi's Backdrop 1.11
Last Update:

Avi's Backdrop is a backdrop application for Newton devices with OS 2.1 (which means a MP2000, MP2100, or eMate 300). Advantages? It's small (15K), it's fast, it takes up little heap, and it's free.  This backdrop program includes many features and options -- and an Easter Egg! See included readme for usage instructions.  Credit: Avi Drissman.   14k  

avisbackdrop111.sit   15k  

Newton Portfolio Manager 1.1
Last Update:

The Newton Portfolio Manager 1.04 helps Newton users monitor stock investments, mutual fund performance and keep an eye on options and bonds. NEW: Compatible with Macintalk!  Credit: NewtBrick. 140k

npm.sit 136k

SunPos 03.01.98
Last Update:

Newton SunPos version 03.01.98 now with 3D shadow view shows a graphical representation of the position at any given time, in any given city. Change pitch, yaw and zoom in and out with interactive sliders. ( The line on the base is North ) Credit:  Allan Beihl.   9k  

sunpos.sit   10k  

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