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Last Update:

Newton WWW 1.1 Demo - Before you start downloading the browser please make sure that you have a DIGITAL Alpha or a SUN Workstation with an internet connection somewhere and access to them via a serial or a telephone line. If not, you can install the Newton package on your PDA, but you only can use it in demo-mode. The browser provides textual data presentation as well as image display or searchable index handling. Moreover users are able to store the information in the build in notebook, to print it or redistribute it by mail or by fax. Works on a 100, and now the 110 and 120 screen sizes.   82k  

newton-www-1.1-demo.sit   84k  

Newt'sPaper 0.9
Last Update:

Newt'sPaper VisualNewt's NIE compliant NNTP news reader. The new Newt'sPaper has been completely rewritten and now includes support for threading options and more efficient news download, reading and options.  MP2x00 users will find reliable compatibility with MacinTalk. This version is limited to selected newsgroups for user evaluation.  Credit: Serg Koren of VisualNewt.   150k  

newtspaper_sit.hqx   144k  

Last Update:

nHTTPd, a Newton Web Server, is stable enough for folks to experiment with. nHTTPd, documentation, and source code are now available at for those interested. As with all of our efforts, these packages are available as-is and free of charge. It should probably be stated up front that these packages are of primary interest to developers, rather than end users... but if you're interested in writing plug-ins to serve Web documents from your Newton, or add sounds to your Newton's sound registry, come on by and check 'em out!  47k

nhttpd.sit  55k

nHTML 1.0b5
Last Update:

nHTML is a HTML authoring tool for the Newton. HTML stands for "HyperText Markup Language" and is the so-called language of the World Wide Web. With nHTML, users can create HTML documents with ease! The power of web authoring in the palm of your hand! nHTML is currently in the Public Beta stage. Foundation Systems feels it is stable enough for public usage. However, because it is in the beta stage, there are a number of features that are either disabled or missing in the final release. Credit: Adam Tow of Foundation Systems.   78k  

nhtml-1_0b7_sit.hqx   54k  

Last Update:

The Newton Internet Enabler (NIE v1.1) - TCP-IP capabilities for the Newton 2.0 platform. Use and knowledge about this product is covered and bound by the terms of the license you will need to execute (upon installation of the software) with Apple Computer, Inc. NIE v1.1 offers Support for TCP and UDP protocols, over PPP and SLIP, a domain name resolver, a dialer with scripting capability, support for PAP and CHAP authentication, SecurID card support. NIE will enable an IP-based application, such as a web browser or POP/SMTP mail client, to access an ISP. Enclosed with the actual packages, you will also find sample code and documentation for your reference and inclusion with your application documentation. Please be sure to read the release notes accompanying this version for issues that may arise using NIE.   825k

nie-1.1.sit   923k

Last Update:

NIE 1.1 Developer Goodies - contains NIE 1.1 Developer READ ME, Include files (Inet Constants, Inet errors), Sample code, Setup Picker App, Other Template Packages NIE 1.1 API.pdf. Pre-configured entries for the Internet Service Providers (ISP's) which are contained within the Newton Internet Enabler (NIE) are provided as a convenience, only, and do not indicate an endorsement on the part of Apple Computer, Inc. for any particular ISP. In addition, while Apple has tested connectivity of the NIE to the ISP's listed, as ISP's may alter details regarding access to their systems without prior notification to Apple, it is possible that a connection to a particular ISP may not be possible from a particular location or at a later point in time. Accordingly, Apple strongly suggests that, when possible, you check your configuration through a known working connection to your ISP, and then contact your ISP with any particular configuration questions you may have.   572k

nie-1.1-developer.sit   661k

Notepad Server 1.2
Last Update:

Notepad Server works with a modified version of Ray Rischpater's nHTTPd to allow Newton users to server up Notes from your Newton to WWW clients. Notepad Server adds HTML formatting to the selected Note. nHTTPd then kicks in to serve up your page to a selected IP (your desktop machine.) This version includes significant enhancements, including international character support, Server Side Includes (SSI), raw HTML serving capability and more! The author plans future upgrades to this product, including Future versions of Notepad server may include features such as the ability to also serve lists and outlines from stationery types in the Notepad, enhanced customization options for HTML display, automatic text style recognition and conversion to HTML, and the ability to post notes to the host Newton from a form. Reading the documentation included is very important!  This download includes a special version of the required nHTTPd and also requires NOS 2.x and NIE 1.1 or greater. Freeware Credit: Matthew Vaughn, LightYear Media.   64k

Note_Serv1_2.sit   62k

Paperboy 1.5
Last Update:

Paperboy is a fully featured USENET news reader for Newton OS 2.x.   A wide range of functionality includes search, editing of queued mail, import of Notes and more!  Credit:  Stand Alone Software.   107k  

paperboy.hqx   138k  

PT100 v1.1b4
Terminal Emulator & Telnet Client
Last Update:

A Telnet client for the Newton platform that fully supports NIE 2.0 (and Ethernet connections), PT100 also is a very complete and functional VT100 terminal emulator.  The latest beta includes logon scripting functionality, improved user options and a few fixes!  In addition, this version of PT100 will run up to 60% faster than the 1.01 beta release.  The versions here are shareware, and will only support sessions of 5 minutes or less; full versions can be purchased directly from the developer (contact info enclosed in the files below).  Credit: Scrawl Software.   152k

PT100v11b4.hqx   215k

Last Update:

Shuffler 1.0b4 - is a bookmarks organizer for the Newton OS2.0. Shuffler lets you add, remove, edit and route bookmarks that reside in Avanti's bookmark soup. Besides handling the bookmarks as already described you are now able to launch bookmarks directly from Shuffler. Shuffler will open an internet application on your Newton that is the most suitable for the given URL, a http URL will activate an Internet browser and a news URL will activate a News reader etc. You are also able to launch and add URL's directly from the notepad or where you you might find one.   29k

shuffler-1.0b4.sit   29k

Swatch Beat for Newton 1.1
Last Update:

Swatch Beat is a way of keeping "Internet Iime" - a universal non-geographical time keeping system to help people on the 'net coordinate internet events and meetings.  For example, midnight Internet Time is "@000" based on midnight in Beil, Switzerland - home of Swatch.   Yeah, it's a marketing gimmick, but some folks may find it useful.  Credit: Marcel Strittmatter of Dinoware.   29k

swatchbeat1_1.sit   29k

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