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We all know Apple hasn't been making Newtons for a long time now... As a gift to the Newton community (at least the aviation-minded among us), I'm making the full product versions of Newton Aviator and Newton Aviator Logbook available free for download.

Newton Aviator: Download | Quick Tour | Airport databases (6/99)

Newton Aviator Logbook: Newton Aviator Logbook

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Newton Aviator is the world's only flight planning product for the Newton PDA. Smaller even than a laptop computer, the Newton makes an ideal flight-planning companion for every pilot.

Enter some basic information about your aircraft, and use the built-in airport database to do your basic pre-flight planning, including computing your true course, heading and groundspeed, weight and balance, density altitude, expected time enroute, and more.

Ever have someone ask you how long it would take to fly your plane from here to there? If you carry your Newton with you, now you can give them an answer in just a moment or two...

When was the last time you actually figured your weight and balance before a flight? It's a snap with Newton Aviator! Just once, you enter the weight and arm limits from your pilot's handbook in Newton Aviator. Then, before your flight, a few taps on the "loading view" lets you describe your passengers and cargo loading. Enter the actual fuel level while you're doing your pre-flight on the ramp, and see exactly where your CG falls in the aircraft envelope!

Other features include (take the quick tour for more details):

The Airmen's Information Manual and FAR Part 91 are also available as Newton books.

Don't own a Newton yet? Newton Aviator might be the excuse you need to buy one. Check here for the best deals on buying a Newton.

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