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This small corner of cyberspace is dedicated to the Apple Newton Messagepad, *the* personal digital assistant (unlike those other "portable data access" units). My current Messagepad is a MP2000 upgraded by Apple to a MP2100, also known as a uMP2000, uMP2K, or 2100U. Since I got that, I acquired two more MP2000's, SER-001 boards, pwer adapters, an Ethernet card, various PCMCIA flash cards, and an eMate. The Newton goes everywhere with me and has by far the highest coolness factor of anything else on the market, not to mention its unsurpassed handwriting recognition! I favor the Newton's "green" over all the other color units, from the HP Jornada to the Palm IIIc.

I started out using a MP100 in 1997, then went to a MP120, then a MP130(yeah...backlighting!), then to a uMP2000, and shortly thereafter finding a MP2000 on eBay for $290 (now my spare). Though the Palm platform is attractive for it's desktop PIM integration, I've always preferred the Newton, because of its ability as a standalone unit. While a comparison may seem to be "apples-to-oranges", I see where the Newton is superior and, well...more personal. To aid in keeping this great platform alive, I'm learning Newton programming and hope to showcase some of my projects here in the future.

I call this the Nanospace because it's meant to be a small page. Check out NewtonTalk, a great mailing list with daily spirited discussions. For information on all Newtons, check here. Other than that, these few links should keep you extremely busy surfing the web regarding this wonderful unit, so put on your wetsuit.

I've told a little bit about the Newton thus far, how about we let the Newton speak for itself.

Enjoy the page and feel free to drop me a line. Hopefully in the near future, I'll have my MP serving web pages via NPDS. Go to The NPDS website for more information. I hear Palms can do it now too, but probably not as nicely.

More of my Newton musings are here.

A tremendous thanks to all the programmers and the Newton community at large!

"Keep the Green" and "ink Different"

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