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The Newton Heap Mini-FAQ.

by Daniel Domberger

Version 1.5 - written August 15 1997
This page last updated on August 10 1999

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Of course, the Newton platform is now unsupported by Apple, and so interest has died; I don't even know if anyone still uses their Newtons. There seem to be a lot of them for sale second-hand, at very low prices. I still use my MP2000, as a diary/notepad/addressbook, and sometimes for typing on the go, but the Newton's moment seems to have passed. The rest, I guess, is up to the Psions and PalmPilots, and of course those ever-more-common Windows CE devices.

This FAQ was written by me, Daniel Domberger, and is Copyright 1997, except those passages quoted, for which due recognition has been given. The information in this miniFAQ was compiled from various sources, and general reading about the Newton since 1993, when the original MessagePad was released. Specifically, though, a lot of the more technical information came from the Apple Technical Information Library ( A lot of it also came from people's responses to Heap-based questions on the Newton Doctor site - thanks to everybody there! Also note that a portion of this document was posted to the NewtonTalk mailing list, in response to a question there.

Remember, though, I'm a politics student, not a Newton technician, or a programmer. If anything I've written here is incorrect, let me know & I'll correct it. Use this information at your own risk. (Very grim, huh?). Also, the product suggestions contained herein do not represents endoresements or guarrantees: they're simply suggestions. If you know of any other packages I might want to mention, or have comments/questions/hints, let me know!