AppStore Apps for your 2.0 iPhone/iPod Touch

PocketMoneyPocketMoney on AppStore: personal finance manager ($9.99) (user manual)

PocketMoneyPocketMoney LITE on AppStore: the lite version of PocketMoney. Limited to two accounts. (Free)

MPGMPG on AppStore ($4.99): vehicle log. (user manual)

CheckPlease AFCheckPlease on AppStore: tip calculator. ($0.99)

CheckPleaseCheckPlease on AppStore: tip calculator. (free - advertiser supported)

HotMacNewsHotMacNews on AppStore: news portal. (free)

Prohibition 1: Bootlegger: game. - awaiting approval to AppStore.

Prohibition 2: The Dope Wars: game. - Rejected by Apple.

Prohibition 3: Candy WarsProhibition 3: Candy Wars: game - you are a candy dealer in New York City during the height of sugar prohibition. ($1.99)

I Am Poor: parody of I Am Rich. - Rejected by Apple.

WebApps for your iPhone

World's Smallest Political Quiz - a great conversation starter. Ten questions to plot your political orientation.