Digital VRC21-Hx Monitor Information

The Digital VRC21-Hx monitor is a 21" multiscan monitor, and was supplied with most AlphaStation 455-type workstations. It has onboard digital tuning, but was before the era of the on-screen display.

Consequently, you need the manual to figure out how to tune the thing. Of course, these go missing after several changes of owner, and I couldn't find one on the web anywhere.

I recently moved office, and in the cleanup, found a pristine copy of the original DEC manual for this model. The book includes text in several languages, however I have only scanned those pages that are in English. The pages are 100dpi, greyscale scans in JPEG format, roughly 130k per page.

You can either view them one by one: 1234567891011121314, and  15, or download a compressed archive of the collection in ZIP or gzipped tar format.

A quick summary of the tuning information (most likely the bit you need) is: $Id: index.html,v 1.1 2003/04/25 07:28:06 arnold Exp $