Japanese Bunn Warmer Prototype
This is called a Bunn Warmer prototype because they ran hot, not unlike the coffee pot warmers made by the Bunn Corporation. It runs a Japanese version of the Newton OS and was used by a company called Everchanging for testing localized versions of their FilePad and PowerForms products.

Images Copyright © Grant Hutchinson


P0000307.JPG - Front view. Note the power switch and speaker below touchscreen.
P0000308.JPG - Back view. The two silver rectangles are flash ROM slots.
P0000310.JPG - Back bottom view.
P0000311.JPG - Back top view.
P0000312.JPG - Front bottom view.
P0000313.JPG - Front top view.
P0000314.JPG - FCC warning label.
P0000315.JPG - 4MB Newton flash card ejected from standard PCMCIA slot.
P0000316.JPG - Close up of main logic board.
P0000325.JPG - Flash storage card dialog.
P0000326.JPG - Startup screen showing OS version J-1b1.00.
P0000327.JPG - Notion about box.
P0000328.JPG - Extras drawer.
P0000329.JPG - Choose connection dialog from the Dock application.
P0000330.JPG - Some of the settings in the Prefs window.
P0000331.JPG - Names application.