Telephone Provider

Telephone Provider

Often you have the possibility to make a connection using different providers (phone companies). Because of the different chargings of this providers there can be another provider for each time and each destination the cheapest one.

To add a new provider choose "New" from the action picker.

New Provider

Enter the description for that provider and tap on "Save".

Afterwards you can enter the values belonging to it by choosing "Modify" from the action picker.

Modify Provider

For Access please enter the access number of the provider. Maybe the provider will have a Pin (Personal Identifier Number). Depending on the provider you choose the sequence for dialing.

Sometimes a provider will have a different handling of the area code. Enter for Prefix nat. what string should be before the area code. In Germany every area codes will start with a zero. Analogous enter on Prefix int. the string before the country code for international calls.

Now you can enter the charging structure of the provider. For doing so you define so-called ranges. A range will define the costs for a calling duration (usual one minute) in a charging zone on a certain day at a certain time.

Tap on "New Range". This will create a range from Monday-Sunday for the standard zone from 0.00 to 24.00. Tap in the table row on the days to choose the days (sorry, pictures only from German Newton OS).

Provider Days

You can change the zone by tapping on it in the table row. Analogous you can tap on the time and the costs to change them.

If you wish to remove a range, tap on the days in the table row and remove the checkmarks from all the days. The table row will be removed on close.

You can 'switch off' a provider temporarily by removing the checkmark on "Activated".

Dialing a phone number

Start dialing as usual. Therefore you can use the calling functions of the Newton as faxing or connecting to an internet provider using the telephone. You will see a phone slip like this (sorry, pictures only from German Newton OS).


You can see that the appropriate provider is set already (access number 09876). Selecting the provider is based on the actual time and the charging zone for that call. If there is no zone information available for the call then the default zone will be used.

To change the zone or to select a provider manually you can open the call options slip by tapping on the little telephone icon.


As usual you can choose the dialing suffix or the credit card. If you have no credit card selected then the data for the providers will be used.

At the bottom of the slip you can see the provider name and the costs.

To change the displayed zone simply tap on it and choose the right one from the list. Possibly the provider will change if another one will offer the same connection for better conditions. Of course your Newton will remember the zone informations so the right zone is selected if you make the same connection again.

You can of course disable the automatic selection of providers by tapping on "Provider" and choosing a provider byself. To disable all providers select "None" from the list. To re-activate the automatic selection choose "Optimal".

If you have select a provider manually or "None" you will see a flashing M right of the provider picker.