Credit Card Types

Credit Card Types

Select the desired credit card type. Right under the name of the credit card type you can see the appropriated access number. For a phone credit card there will be additional informations.

Prefix national
The character(s) that should appear before the area code for numbers in your own country.
Prefix international
The character(s) that should appear before the country code for dialing numbers not in your own country.
Access Suffix, Card Suffix, Phone Suffix
Because the processing of the informations in your phone credit card company will take some time, there will be one or more commas after the access number, the card number or the phone number for inserting a pause. Sometimes you must include other characters. Contact you phone credit card company for this informations.
There are different structures of the numbers for different phone credit cards:
Access Number - Card Number - Phone Number
Access Number - Phone Number - Card Number
The card number itself contains the number of the phone credit card and the appropriate PIN. Sometimes there will be no access number.

To add a new credit card type, select "New" from the action picker.

New Card Type

Enter the description for the credit card type and the area code and phone number for the access number. For a credit card tap on "Save" now. For a phone credit card tap on Phone Credit Card.

Phone Credit Card

Fill in the additional categories and tap on Save.

Removing and setting the default works as described for email systems.

In addition you can choose to modify a card type with the action button.