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powerPen is Dissolving. These pages will remain available until 31 March 1997. Information about future support and development of powerPen apps will be forthcoming soon.


Welcome to powerPen Software! Home of high-quality, supported, and free Newton software. Show your pride with a powerPen T-shirt!



FlashCard is a self-study app that lets you draw or write cards to quiz yourself. NGP is an object-oriented drawing app with plug-in clip art. powerBack is a custom backdrop app that you build yourself. powerNotes lets you design new stationery for the Notepad. QuickPort is a quick and easy way to get text from your Newton to your desktop computer. shopList helps you keep track of your grocery list. transForm is a fully-featured electronic forms app.

Besides English, apps are also available in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.



BGGL is a board and timer for a word-finding game. hangMan is a word guessing game with plug-in dictionaries.


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Developers, want to see how our apps are written? How about a free MessagePad user-interface design pad? Check out our developer pages!


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