Canvas version 1.0.0

Expand the Notepad virtually. It is no longer a simple Notepad, it is the "Canvas" now !

Want to see the whole information in the notepad without scrolling ? Do you have enough space to write down your information to ?

With "Canvas", the Notepad is big enough ! And you can see the "Bird-view" of the information in the notepad.

Scrolling the notepad either vertically and horizontally, any width at a time, you can enlarge the note.

- With the Canvas, you can use the notepad as a "SketchPad" -


* work on Newton OS 2.0 and 2.1

* scroll in Three ways:

You can use the note Virtually-Wide with these scrollers below.

Scroll horizontally.

Scroll vertically ... Just like standard scroller. But you can change the scroll width.

Scroll inside the note ... Not scroll note. Just shift them... You can try it and figure it out !

* tap the Dot in the middest of the button, overview of the current note comes up:

Here is the current note. And when you tap the Dot ......

The overview popup comes up. The gray rectangle shows the area that you can see on the notepad. This means you can write text / ink / shapes / sketches outside the "visible note." Also, you can see the overview and scroll in the same time.

* tap and hold the Dot, menu appears:

This is the quick preference. You can do the same things using the "Prefs."

* prefs are available to:

set the number of pixels to scroll at a time,

select scroll types,

Tap icon in Extras. Prefs slip comes up.

* Expand the data capacity in one page of the note, from 4KB to 32KB (registered version only).

* 10days Demo version available now.




Purchase online for faster service, and I will inform you about the registered version of that product. (You need email account.)

Please check out the Registration page.

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Try Demo version: works 10days

* CanvasDemo

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(last modified : April 16, 1998)