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Leverage 3.01a42 Alpha
Last Update:

Leverage is a powerful database builder  for Newton devices. Leverage features very easy database creation and query definition, simple data exchange with desktop applications, and excellent performance. This demo is an alpha version to test user evaluation of potential new features.  Credit: Balcones Software.   249k  

lev3_01a42_pkg_sit.hqx   344k

Transcriptionist 1.88
Last Update:

With a user-created template system, Transcriptionist allows flexible data capture on the Newton which in turn may be used to generate notes, reports and summaries by entering only select pieces of information. After a user creates a template system and a form, drop down lists help users insert information into their document easily. The latest update fixed a problem which occurred when importing duplicate templates. Credit: Tactile Systems.   108k   

tran.sit   109k   

Scottish Clan Histories
Last Update:

A very detailed Newton book of Scottish clan histories from Abercrombie to Wemyss.  Credit: Michael Jones.   150k

scottish.pkg   648k

Minimizer 1.01
Last Update:

Minimizer 1.01 provides the capability to minimize programs on screen, accessible via a star at the top of the screen.  With Minimizer, Newton users may also drag NOS 1.x program windows which were previously un-dragable. Credit: Avi Drissman.   91k

minimizer101.sit   94k

TimeCards 1.3a
Last Update:

TimeCards is an application specifically designed for tracking time spent working with different projects. During the development of TC rapid, efficient entry of data was the driving requirement leading to an interface that requires 1 to 4 taps on the screen to enter Time record. When time entries are added to TC comments can be appended as well. The newst version of timecards includes a fix for a reported startup error.  Credit: Volker Deffner. 144k tc13apkg.hqx 207k

GeekSafe v0.9b
Last Update:

GeekSafe 0.9b is a handy freeware application which lists all those private passwords and numbers that you wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands. GeekSafe is PIN secure, small, and best of all -- it's free! If you've used a previous beta version of GeekSafe, use the included cleaner before installing the latest. Credit: Newtopia.  11k  

geeksafe.sit  13k  

TimePak 1.1
Last Update: 09/07/98

TimePak is a large digital clock which utilized voices via SayTime. The clock voices available include include languages ranging from English and French to Polish and Vietnamese.  The latest voice files added to TimePak were recorded by French actor Alexandra Baillet in both English and French. Each available voice archive contains a high-quality version and one that is smaller in size, for older machines or a Newton lacking in memory. The Wei Xu (English) voice is included with the basic TimePak download.  Credit: Saint John Morrison.   291k

timepak_sit.hqx   396k

Voice Add Ons  
Peng Lu (English).zip  259k Peng Lu (English)_sit.hqx  344k
Saint John (English).zip  270k Saint John (English)_sit.hqx  353k
Cecelia Lawrence (Polish).zip   375k Cecelia Lawrence (Polish)_sit.hqx   497k
Le Tran (Vietnamese).zip   194k Le Tran (Vietnamese)_sit.hqx   258k
Alexandra Baillet (English).zip   296k Alexandra Baillet (English)_sit.hqx   390k
Alexandra Baillet (French).zip   310k   Alexandra Baillet (French)_sit.hqx   404k  

BluePrint 2.1 Demo
Last Update:

BluePrint 2.1 is a comprehensive project management system.  Registered users will receive free updates and a connectivity program to import and export .MPX formatted project files. BluePrint  features support for multiple projects, an integrated outline and table format, gantt charts, team allocation, summary roll-ups, milestone tasks, planned vs. actual schedules, cost accumulation, a project calendar, and more.  Special features include a highly intuitive interface, grayscale graphics, a sophisticated scheduling system, the ability to create custom fields, automatic recalculations, one-touch access for many operations, printing, faxing, beaming, integration with built-in Newton applications, and much more. Credit: Sine of the Times. 84k bp2demo.hqx 202k

Accordian 1.1
Last Update:

Revelar's Accordian Connection Utility provides a feature-filled live connection from any NOS 2.x Newton to FileMaker Pro 3.0 databases on a Macintosh. Accordian Connection Utility 1.0 is intended for use with FileMaker Pro 3.0 for the Macintosh (68040 or PowerPC processor, System 7.x or 8, 8 Mb RAM) and the Newton MessagePad 120, 130, 2x000 or eMate 300 running NOS 2.x.  This download includes documentation and is shareware.  Credit: Revelar Software.


accordian.hqx 1M

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